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For a lot of people, the oil and gas boom in Texas is a mixed blessing. Some people (and companies) end up striking it rich. Other people won't get rich, but they'll do just fine. And still others will find themselves worse off than before the oil boom.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, we've been in practice since 1990, and we've seen the good, the bad and the ugly in all types of oil and gas cases throughout Texas. If you have a case involving Oilfield Accidents, call us toll free at 866-798-0737 or contact us online for a free consultation.

Oil Boom and Money

For oil and gas workers like roughnecks, the boom is a good thing. It can mean good pay. It can also mean a fair amount of job security for years to come. If you're a landowner leasing your land to an oil company, you stand to make plenty of money, if you protect your oil lease rights and your land is productive.

Oil Field Accidents in Texas

Roughnecks get injured all the time in oil field accidents. It's a known and accepted part of the job. And your average driver in Texas must deal with all the oil tankers and 18-wheelers on the highways and rural roads, heading to and from well sites on the Eagle Ford Shale. These trucks cause plenty of serious motor vehicle accidents.

Injustice after an Oil Drilling Accident

Injured roughnecks and the families of workers who have lost their lives deserve compensation after a life-changing accident involving oil drilling, but they might be forced to fight to get it.

And oil companies don't always treat landowners fairly and honor the terms of an agreement, leading to oil lease disputes.

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Don't leave "striking it rich" in the oil boom – or fair treatment after an accident – to luck. Striking it rich and protecting yourself take more than luck. Take action by calling toll free at 866-798-0737 to speak with an oil and gas attorney at the Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, or contact us online. We offer a free initial consultation for prospective clients.

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Our focus is on providing our clients with the best possible service and legal representation possible. Our attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers, and our service is our legacy. We will come to your home, your parent's nursing home, or the hospital to meet with you.

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