Airbag Defects

Injuries Caused by an Airbag Malfunction

Airbags were designed as a standard safety feature in your car, but a malfunction can make these products useless. We expect vehicles with side, rear, and front airbags to protect us in an accident. At the Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, our attorneys represent people throughout Texas who have been seriously injured or killed by an airbag malfunction.

The two main types of airbag problems occur when an airbag fails to deploy during a car accident, and when one spontaneously deploys. Located in San Antonio, Texas, our firm represents people in lawsuits that seek monetary damages from automakers and airbag designers. Contact our experienced trial attorneys to learn more about an airbag malfunction claim.

A malfunctioning airbag can have serious repercussions for anyone involved in a serious accident. People rely on these devices to protect them in such an event. You deserve compensation for your injuries caused by an airbag malfunction such as:

  • Failure to Deploy: When an airbag fails to deploy during an accident, a driver and occupant can suffer serious head and facial injuries.
  • Accidental Deployment: An accidental deployment may cause drivers to lose control of their cars, causing serious injuries.

Children and Airbag Malfunction

Companies that make child safety seats recognize the problems associated with airbags and child injuries. They do not design these devices to work well with airbags. Designers create airbags to protect a person of average size and weight, not a small child or adult. Children need special protection against an airbag malfunction.

Our firm represents people in cases related to defective airbags, and will happily sit down with you to discuss your case. These are technical cases, requiring attorneys and experts who are well versed in airbag design and regulation. Since 1990, people from all over Texas have sought our counsel after an accident.

Get the monetary compensation you deserve following an accident. Contact a lawyer at the Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, for a free initial consultation. We represent people throughout Austin, South Padre Island, and Fort Worth.