Volkswagen Claims For Fraudulent Emissions Testing

Volkswagen recently admitted to using fraudulent tests to evaluate emissions from their vehicles. The company then allowed consumers to believe that the cars were up to emissions standards when they bought the vehicles. These practices were intentional and fraudulent. Consumers affected by company's practices may be eligible for compensation and settlements in coming months and years.

At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, we are prepared to represent Volkswagen vehicle owners affected by the company's deceptive practices. Our attorneys are experienced in litigation, including product defect litigation and holding companies accountable for defrauding consumers.

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Can I Recover Damages Against Volkswagen For My Vehicle?

Consumers and Volkswagen owners could be directly affected in a variety of ways, including inducement to purchase a vehicle that was not up to the promised standards, reduced resale value of the vehicle and increased gas consumption.

We will evaluate your case and provide a clear understanding of where your potential claim stands. It is yet to be determined how the courts will handle litigation against Volkswagen, especially given the widespread nature of the scandal. Because of how intentional these practices were, there is the possibility that punitive damages could be awarded to consumers, meaning the court would seek to punish the company by awarding damages above and beyond the cost of compensation.

We will take a proactive approach, however, ready to handle your claim as soon as possible to recover the compensation you deserve because of Volkswagen's fraudulent actions.