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When an accident or negligent mistake results in paralysis, an entire family's future is forever changed. For over 15 years, the respected attorneys at Tyler & Peery have dedicated their careers to providing knowledgeable legal advice and dedicated representation to clients in Texas who have suffered paralysis through another's negligence, including:

  • Brain damage or traumatic brain injury caused by an accident
  • Nerve damage or spinal cord injury or nerve damage from a herniated disc, neck or back injury sustained in a slip and fall accident or car wreck
  • Paralysis resulting from medical malpractice such as the delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of a stroke, cerebral aneurysm, or brain or spinal cord tumor

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At Tyler & Peery, we do more than provide powerful legal advocacy and a drive to secure the fair financial compensation you need and your family deserves. We are also committed to offering caring support as you move forward to build a full life after paralysis. We are here to help in every way we can, including:

  • We can assist you in building a life care plan to protect your quality of life and your family's future.
  • We will help you secure the services of a vocational expert who can help you determine what jobs you may be able to perform.
  • We can employ respected and knowledgeable experts who can provide an estimate of your lifetime medical expenses in dealing with the effects of paralysis.

Contact our offices in San Antonio today to schedule a free consultation. We will answer your tough questions in a caring and straightforward manner, and can get to work immediately to build the strongest case we can for your full and fair recovery.

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