Eagle Ford Shale Truck Accident Lawyers

Texas Accident Lawyers Representing People Injured by Trucks Going to and From Drilling Rig Sites on the Eagle Ford Shale

The Eagle Ford Shale is located over many parts of southern and eastern Texas, and ever since recent advances in hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") were made - fracking is a type of drilling through shale rock-the Eagle Ford Shale has caused a modern-day economic boom in our state.

But this oil and gas boom has caused plenty of truck traffic on both urban and rural roads, from interstate highways to farm roads. At The Law Office of Tyler & Peery, we represent people who have been injured in accidents caused by trucks going to and from drilling rig sites on the Eagle Ford Shale.

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Holding Negligent Truckers Accountable Despite the Drilling Boom

In our opinion, the drilling boom, while good for Texas, is no excuse to put profit over safety. We've seen all kinds of truck accidents caused by all kinds of behavior.

Often, a tired truck driver falls asleep behind the wheel because he or she is skirting the hours-of service rules, trying to get that haul done. In other cases, the trucker's employer - like some employers in the oil and gas industry - allow or even encourage their drivers to skirt the rules.

No matter what caused the truck accident, at The Law Office of Tyler & Peery, we're I-37 Eagle Ford truck accident attorneys committed to holding negligent truckers and negligent oil and gas employers responsible when they cause injury or worse. Despite the drilling boom, we feel that Texas motorists are owed a duty of care when traveling on any Texas road.

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