Dangerous Highways In The San Antonio Area

The Riverwalk, the Spurs, the Alamo — the San Antonio area has so many signature sites and experiences.

The area is also a key crossroad for major highways, with the types of dangers of vehicle accidents that come along with that.

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Where Did Your Accident Happen?

Of course an accident can happen anywhere. But in San Antonio or any other area, it's no secret that some stretches of highway are more dangerous than others.

It is therefore a key question to ask: What was the location of the crash that injured you?

It may have been the interstate: I-35, I-37 or I-10. Many 18-wheelers pass through San Antonio on I-35, going to or from Laredo, resulting in numerous accidents involving big trucks.

But many accidents happen away from the interstate. Dangerous highways in the San Antonio area also include U.S. highways 281 and 90, as well as loop 1604 and loop 410. On 1604, there are many gravel truck and other construction vehicles, many of which carry hazardous materials.

Heavy vehicle traffic going to and from the oilfields is another factor that adds to driving risks in and around San Antonio.

How We Can Help You Respond To An Injury

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