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Texting While Driving More Dangerous Than You Think

The problem of texting while driving has become more serious in recent years. Even just five years ago, texting and driving was not a commonly known issue. Many people, especially younger people like teenagers, do not realize the devastating consequences that can result from texting while driving. But local police departments and hospitals say that the issue of texting while driving comes up quite a bit in their line of work.

Some high schools are attempting to raise awareness of this issue by acting out "mock" car crashes for the students, staff, and local communities. The schools are doing more than just setting up the crash scene. They are actually acting out the entire car crash, as well as the gruesome aftermath and its effects. The simulated scene contains fake "blood, guts, and broken bones." Students also play different roles, such as the "critical victim" who has an arm amputated and gets taken away in a Lifeline helicopter.

Past events of this sort have proven very successful, with strong reactions from students. There have even been incidents of students fainting due to the graphic nature of the mock scene. Sometimes the students are not aware that the mock crash will be taking place, which adds to the surprise element of the event, although they made to understand that it's not real. School officials do not hesitate to point out that if this were real life, an accident like this could have much more significant long-term and potentially life-long consequences to the victim and the victim's family.

Officials also say that because students, and teenagers in particular, text so frequently, they believe they can handle texting while driving; the officials hope that an event like this will help send a message to students that texting while driving can cause greater harm than they realize. They further hope that by sending this message, they will be able to change and potentially even save some lives.

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