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Veteran police officer dies in motorcycle accident

She wants everyone to know that he wasn't drinking or riding his motorcycle recklessly. "The bike just started, we call it walking, the handle bars just started shaking and you could tell he was trying to turn it," says Toni Garcia, who had been driving behind her husband on their way home after an officers' Christmas party.

Motorcycle accidents involving just the rider are quite common, though death does not result as often as it does in car or truck accidents involving motorcycles.

As Reginald Hardwick and Randy Mcilwain report for NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, Toni says, "We lived our lives the way that we were supposed to and I don't want him remembered like that." Toni refers to suspicion that her husband had been drinking at the holiday party, leading him to crash his motorcycle.

Apparently that wasn't the case.

No one appears to have been at fault for the accident; if anything, a claim might possibly involve the motorcycle itself, which did not seem to respond to Garcia's husband's efforts to turn it just prior to crashing into the retaining wall and going over.

In Texas, accidents involving cars, trucks or motorcycles often involve some form of negligence, be it drunk driving, texting while driving, or reckless driving like speeding.

Source: NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, "Wife Witnesses Off-Duty Officer's Deadly Crash," by Reginald Hardwick and Randy Mcilwain, 12/12/11

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