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Heart Patients at Higher Risk by Taking Pradaxa

A study shows that heart patients just might be putting themselves at greater risk by taking the pharmaceutical drug called Pradaxa, as compared to taking warfarin. ("Warfarin" is the generic name of a group of brand name drugs used in the treatment of heart disease.)

Pradaxa (generic name "dabigatran") and warfarin have both been linked to causing similar side effects: namely, bleeding, which can lead to a heart attack. Depending on the situation, an adverse event like serious bleeding may be grounds for a products liability claim.

Pradaxa, which is marketed as an alternative to warfarin, is said to put heart patients at a not-insignificant risk - a 33 percent higher risk, according to CBS News - of heart attack or acute coronary syndrome.

The study was published, along with an editorial, in the Archives of Internal Medicine, in which the editor writes: "These additional concerns [reports of serious bleeding] deserve serious consideration in weighing the risks and benefits of [Pradaxa]."

Not everyone agrees with the study, including a representative of the company that makes Pradaxa, who said that another study - a "manufacturer-funded" study - indicated that there was no "scientifically-meaningful" increase in risk.

Of course, there might be a problem with manufacturer-funded studies, which possibly bias the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs in favor of the drug makers.

The lawyers of Tyler & Peery are currently pursuing cases where people have been injured by Pradaxa. If you or someone you love has suffered adverse side effects after taking Pradaxa, consider speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney today.

Source: Study: Higher heart attack risk from Pradaxa

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