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Men on Propecia for Baldness May Get More Than They Bargained For

Just because the FDA approves a drug, and your doctor prescribes it, doesn't mean that it is safe. It might still be a defective product.

As Carrie Gann reports for Good Morning America, the drug company Merck makes a drug it brands as Propecia (or finasteride) used to treat male baldness. Gann describes a man who was close to 30 years old and who appeared to be going bald, so he went to see a doctor. That doctor prescribed Propecia - but he got something he didn't bargain for: impotence and a complete lack of sex drive.

While the FDA approved Propecia in 1997, according to Gann, just last year the federal agency ordered a label warning on Propecia about the possibility of erectile dysfunction. And in April 2012, the FDA ordered more changes, warning against other adverse side effects related to sexual function.

But that's not all.

Propecia is also reported to have caused other adverse side effects, including neurological side effects, from anxiety to severe depression - and in some men, the symptoms aren't going away, even after they've stopped taking Propecia. Merck, however, claimed that adverse side effects should go away after a patient ceases using the drug, but that obviously hasn't been the case for some men.

As Gann reports, the now 30-something man described above said, "Stay away from it at all costs."

Source: For Some Men, Propecia's Sexual Side Effects May Be Long-lasting

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