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Trains holding Texas towns 'hostage' to delays

As Joe Conger reports for KENS 5 San Antonio, the Texas town of Gardendale is getting not only truck traffic but train traffic too. In fact, when the trains come to a standstill, they block the only exits out of Gardendale, sometimes for hours.

"The school bus gets trapped sometimes in the evening for two hours with our children in it," said one resident, as Conger quotes. "Nobody can get out. Nobody can get in. Can't get out, can't get in."

Sometimes the delays are only minutes long, but delays of an hour or more aren't uncommon.

In addition to the delays, there's another problem: crashes that are happening frequently between big Eagle Ford Shale trucks and the trains. It's these crashes that are pushing the Union Pacific railroad to consider making road closures to minimize the possibility of collisions.

But closures don't sit well with residents of local towns like Gardendale, which would only make things worse. At the law firm of Tyler & Peery, we frequently handle accident cases involving trains, 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks, and cars.

Please visit our Bexar County railroad crossing page to learn more.

Source: Small town held hostage by trains in Eagle Ford Shale

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