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San Antonio Truck Crash Injures Three

Two San Antonio motorists found themselves trapped between a dump truck and an 18-wheeler this week after one of the trucks crashed into them. The accident occurred during the morning commute on Wednesday and may have involved several common trucking problems.

The two victims were driving in a small passenger car on South Presa Street near Highway 281. As they tried to turn left, they were hit from behind by a dump truck. The impact pushed the smaller car and smashed it into an 18-wheel semi-truck in front of them. Both of the occupants suffered serious injuries in the crash.

A number of things could have gone wrong to cause this scenario. First, Texans need to remember that truckers are professional drivers. Like many professions, doing the same task day after day can give people a false sense of confidence. When truckers operate heavy machinery on a regular basis, they can get to a point at which they pay very little attention to the situation around them. In this crash, the trucker might not have even noticed the car until he hit it.

Another common problem is driver fatigue. Many drivers struggle to stay awake during early morning commutes - there is no reason to think that truck drivers don't have the same problems. Some factors in the trucking industry make this risk even worse, including long hours and incentives to drive without taking enough breaks. Exhaustion makes it hard to exercise careful and safe judgment on the road - but that does not mean that truckers and their employers are not responsible for the consequences.

Source: WOAI News 4, "Three hurt in dump truck crash," Feb. 27, 2013

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