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Texas Truck Rollover Crash Ignites Fuel Fire

When a large vehicle like an 18-wheel semi truck runs into trouble, the problems can spread far beyond the vehicle itself. A recent Texas crash is a perfect example. After an 18-wheeler lost control and flipped on its side while navigating an interstate junction, it ignited a potentially dangerous grass fire.

This wreck occurred around mid-morning last Wednesday in Houston and the flipped truck blocked all traffic for several hours. Like in many truck crashes, a fuel spill complicated the clean-up process.

Of course, semi-trucks should never flip over under normal circumstances. The fact that this crash occurred in broad daylight and without any complicating roadway conditions makes this kind of incident even more problematic from a responsibility perspective.

Some common causes of truck rollovers include:

· Excessive speeds while navigating turns

· Improper load distribution

· Negligent tire maintenance leading to a dangerous blowout

· Intoxicated or drug-abusing drivers

· Inexperience or a lack of training on the part of the driver

When one of these problems does occur, truck companies often try to pin the blame on other motorists. It is not uncommon to hear truck companies and their representatives claim that truck drivers can do very little to prevent accidents when irresponsible passenger cars get in their way.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help victims cut through these arguments and establish whether the truck company's negligence is really to blame.

Source:, "18-wheeler flips, starts grass fire along I-10 ramp," Mar. 6, 2013 

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