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Trucking Accident Kills Six People After Safety Violations, Pt. 1

A tragic truck accident killed six people, including two children, last week - drawing attention to a trucking company with a history of serious safety violations. This company will likely face lawsuits involving the accident. Based on its spotty record with federal regulators, the victims' family members seem likely to have strong arguments.

The truck crash occurred on an interstate in Kentucky. According to news sources, an 18-wheel tractor-trailer crashed into a Ford SUV around 50 miles north of Louisville. Authorities from the Kentucky State Police are reporting that the driver was following the SUV too closely. Any Texan who has ever found him- or herself in front of a speeding semi-truck likely knows how often this happens.

Unfortunately, because of the enormous size and weight of 18-wheelers, it is often impossible for even the most skilled truck drivers to stop in time to avoid a crash. When truckers follow other cars too closely, this problem becomes even more serious. Kentucky authorities are still considering whether to press charges against the driver. 

The crash killed the driver, his wife, two friends and two of the couple's foster children. Two other children suffered serious injuries. The truck driver escaped uninjured.

This crash would be enough of a tragedy under any circumstances. The fact that it happened after a series of inspections revealed serious safety concerns makes it that much worse. Trucking companies have an obligation to make necessary changes when an inspection reveals problems - it seems likely that this company did not bother.

Check back later for more coverage of this crash and the company's history of safety violations.

Source: The Detroit News, "Michigan firm in crash had 17 tickets since '11," Brett Barrouquere and Steve Karnowski, Mar. 5, 2013 

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