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High Speed Dangers: Crossing Wildlife

A Texas family is taking advantage of their lucky escape from a high-speed crash to warn other drivers about a big danger on the state's roads. When driving at high speeds, drivers are often unable to avoid obstacles in the road. In Texas, crossing wildlife is one such potential obstacle.

This family encountered a pack of feral hogs while driving on a Texas toll road with the nation's highest speed limit of 85 mph. In the driver's words, "all of a sudden, it seems like I was 100 feet when I noticed them - a pack of wild feral hogs." By that time, it was too late to avoid the pack and the force of the impact caused the family's SUV to roll 10 times before coming to rest on its side. 

Fortunately for this family, all of the car's occupants survived, including a 5-week-old infant. This incident is a good example of the risks that come with high speed limits. While Texas's new 85-mph toll road might offer big transportation benefits, high speeds require drivers to remain alert at all times.

Even the most careful and vigilant driver could find him or herself in similar car accidents. Regardless of whether the obstacle is a pedestrian, another vehicle or a group of crossing animals, it is not possible to avoid all obstacles when driving 85 mph or faster.

Source: NBC DFW, "North Texas Family Survives High-Speed Crash Into Feral Hogs," Elvira Sakmari and Ray Villeda, Mar. 29, 2013 

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