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San Antonio second worst place for mail carrier dog bites

We've all seen cartoons or seemingly funny children's movies growing up involving a mail carrier being chased by a dog. However funny that may have seemed growing up, dog bites are no laughing matter, and the U.S. Postal Service is noticing.

The Postal Service has listed the top cities in the country for dog bites or attacks of mail carriers, with San Antonio coming in at number two. Forty-two incidents were reported in San Antonio last year, tying the city with Seattle. The only city with more mail carrier dog bites was Los Angeles.

The number of dog bite incidents have gotten so bad, the Postal Service has made a list just before National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which starts May 19, in hopes of raising awareness about the issue. According to a report, the Postal Service reported a total of 5,900 letter carriers being attacked by dogs last year. While letter carriers might be one large target for neighborhood dogs, if dogs are willing to bite the local mail carrier, other people in neighborhoods and cities are just as vulnerable.

Dog owners should be held accountable when their animal causes an injury to a person. These bites can sometimes lead to infection and in severe cases, dog attacks can result in death.

Property owners need to make sure their animals are properly fenced or leashed. While some people might trust that their animals are friendly and obedient, their instincts might kick in and result in a very dangerous situation for adults and children alike.

Source: USA Today, "Postal Service works to curb dog bites to carriers," Melanie Eversley, May 15, 2013

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