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Shared roads, common peril: Texas truck accident kills four

The terrible bridge collapse in Washington state has attracted national attention this week. Authorities have said it was likely triggered by a semi-trailer truck that hit a support beam while carrying an oversize load.

The truck made it across the bridge. But in the ensuing collapse, two vehicles went hurtling into the frigid water of the river below. Much of the discussion since the accident has focused on bridge safety. But obviously truck safety is called into question as well.

Indeed, right here in South Texas there was also a terrible truck accident this week. Four people were killed in an accident that involved three different vehicles. One of the vehicles was a tanker truck. The others were a motorcycle and a car.

The fatal accident occurred near Kennedy, Texas, about 50 miles from San Antonio. The four people killed were all oilfield workers. The four men ranged in age from 18 to 25.

According to a state trooper, the accident happened when the truck stopped in order to turn left. The motorcyclist was able to lay his bike down on the highway. But the car could not stop in time and hit the truck.

The truck driver was not injured. The motorcyclist was injured, though fortunately his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. But the four oilfield workers in the car were killed.

Authorities are still investigating the fatal accident. They have not yet determined whether alcohol was involved.

An accident like this is clearly an example, however, of how many different vehicles must share the road. When one driver acts in an unsafe manner, it can put others at great risk of injury or death.

Source: "Authorities ID four oilfield workers killed in Karnes County," KENS5, May 21, 2013 Additional source: "Truck crash may have caused Washington state bridge collapse," Reuters, Jonathan Kaminsky, May 24, 2013

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