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The importance of accident investigation: a case in point

This is a follow-up to our May 24 post about the high-profile accident in Washington state in which a semi-trailer collided with a support beam of a bridge. The ensuing bridge collapse sent two vehicles plunging into the river below. Three people had to be rescued from the icy water.

The investigation into the accident recently generated a new lead. Detectives now believe a second truck was on the bridge at the time of the collapse. Authorities are trying to find the driver of this second truck.

For our purposes, this new development is a reminder of just how important accident investigation is. In the San Antonio area and across the nation, getting to the bottom of the causes of truck accidents usually requires thorough investigation. The same is true of other types of motor vehicle accidents as well.

In the bridge collapse case, investigators believe the commercial truck that hit the support beam was carrying an oversize load. The second truck that is thought to have been on the bridge was also a commercial truck. Detectives think it was pulling a trailer and may have passed the first truck just as the bridge collapsed.

The second truck may not have contributed to the bridge damage. But the first truck's oversize load may have come in contact with the top of the second rig.

Washington state detectives and the Nation Transportation Safety Board continue to investigate. But they would like to talk with the second driver to find out more about what happened.

This is par for the course in a well-run accident investigation.

Source: KSTP, "Detectives Seek 2nd Truck from Washington Bridge Collapse," Jennie Olson, June 5, 2013

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