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Streamlining the trucking registration process, part 2

In the first part of this post, we discussed how federal safety regulators are engaged in an initiative to make the screening process for the registration of trucking companies more efficient.

In this post we'll touch on factors that these regulators use in doing this screening. We will also briefly look ahead to the new registration system that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) plans to have in place by 2015.

In many ways, this regulatory process is quite complicated. But the complexity is necessary in order to create a well-designed system of checks and balances that will help prevent truck accidents.

In the screening process that FMCSA is piloting, certain applicants for trucking registration are targeted for on-site safety inspections. The targeting is automatic for passenger carriers and carriers with past hazardous materials violations.

The automatic targeting also applies to carriers that had safety scores over a specified level under the federal CSA program. CSA stands for compliance, safety and accountability.

By 2015, under federal transportation law, regulators will be required to put in place a comprehensive online registration system for trucking companies that will apply across the country. This system will be called the Unified Registration System (URS).

The pilot program we've been discussing in this two-part post can be seen as a way for safety regulators to test out the process that will be used in this new system. The goal, again, is not only to streamline applications for trucking registration. It is to prevent truck accidents by giving the most safety scrutiny where it is most needed.

Source: Trucking info, "FMCSA Testing New Way to Screen Carrier Applicants," September 4, 2013

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