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February 2014 Archives

Taking "selfies" while driving in Texas not illegal but dangerous

Modern technology has ushered in an era wherein large numbers of the San Antonio population can be constantly interconnected via a vast array of networks. The devices used to make this interconnectivity possible have many important and useful features. However, use of these devices while on the road can pull focus from the task at hand. The result can be a motor vehicle accident caused by distracted driving. The effects can be devastating.

Texas boy suffers dog bite at bus stop

San Antonio parents know that by virtue of physical size, children are less able than adults to defend themselves. So, while an animal attack is a dangerous and frightening occurrence for anyone to endure, for a child it can be especially traumatizing. A recent event in Porter, Texas, illustrates how a case of irresponsible pet ownership can lead to a child being the innocent victim of a dog bite.

Wrongful death suit filed against parent company of nursing home

When people can no longer effectively fend for themselves due to age or health issues, a nursing home may become the best care option. The decision that residents of San Antonio make in seeking assisted living accommodation for a family member should consider the needs of everyone involved.

High winds linked to oilfield accident near San Antonio

An oilfield work environment presents a variety of possible hazards. Texas pipeline workers must remain ever alert to dangers inherent in their profession. But even the most conscientious worker cannot predict the perils brought on by sudden shifts in the Texas weather. Severe weather can very quickly elevate the possibility of oilfield accidents.

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