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May 2014 Archives

New findings indicate e-cigarettes more dangerous than thought

Upon entry into the marketplace, e-cigarettes were hailed by manufacturers as being a decidedly safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. As such, many people started using the vapor inhalers as a preferred method of getting their intake of nicotine. But Texans who traded in their soft packs and crush-proof boxes for an e-cigarette device should be advised; they could be susceptible to serious injury from effects caused by the vapor they are inhaling.

Texas oil boom brings serious safety issues

The recent expansion of drilling and hydraulic fracturing for oil in the state of Texas has helped produce substantial numbers of new jobs for oilfield workers. While this is certainly great news for the workforce and the economy, the new boom has come at a price. Recently released statistics indicate that fatal oilfield accidents have been on the rise.

Subtle behaviors can signal potential dog attacks

One of the reasons Texans find dogs so endearing is because dogs are very social animals. And while we humans may want to project our feelings and motivations on to dogs, it is important to understand that dogs do not experience the world in the same way as humans. When encountering an unfamiliar dog, it is helpful to understand what its behavior is really telling us. Understanding canine cues can help humans be aware if a dog attack is imminent.

Driverless vehicles could reduce number of car accidents

There was a time when your friendly Texas mechanic would give your car a checkup by popping the hood and having a direct look at the engine. However, nowadays, automotive diagnostics consist largely of a technician downloading data from your car's on-board computer system. Models of cars are constantly being given technological upgrades, in part to make them safer on the road.

Truck accident in Texas takes life of boy

Texas boasts a vast network of highways which allow for quick transit to and from all areas of the state. However, care must be taken when driving these thoroughfares, as they frequently have many travelers. A safe driver will obey speed limits and always keep his or her eyes on the road. These simple precautions can greatly decrease the chance of disaster.

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