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June 2014 Archives

Dog attack leads to tragedy in Texas

Most dog owners in San Antonio understand the importance of properly caring for their beloved pets. They know that good pet ownership extends beyond feeding and exercise. A properly cared for animal is also well trained and mindfully watched over. Good training and supervision help keep pets and those who come in contact with them safe from harm.

Summertime car accidents involving teens of serious concern

Summer is here. School’s out, and for those Texas teenagers who are just getting their first taste of adulthood freedoms, times could not be much better. Perhaps the most significant freedom of all comes in the form in a newly minted drivers’ license. The ability to get behind the wheel of a car and take off for fun with friends and have new adventures is truly exhilarating.

Lawsuit claims testosterone product carried undisclosed risks

Often, as men grow older, they find themselves lacking the energy they once had. In order to restore themselves to a physical state better suited to meet the demands that they place on themselves, they might seek some form of supplementation. However, caution is advised because it turns out that currently there are potentially dangerous drugs being marketed as helpful treatments.

Texas man dies in personal watercraft accident

Just watching them can be exhilarating as they glide across the water with a tail of misty spray trailing behind. They are a type of personal watercraft known as Jet Skis. Every weekend, many San Antonio residents like to head out to spots such as Canyon Lake to spend time riding them.

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