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November 2014 Archives

Testosterone therapy may be a trap

Due to aggressive marketing strategies employed by pharmaceutical companies, many men have been pitched the idea that they may reap benefits from undergoing testosterone therapy. The advertising entices interest by asking men if they feel tired. While fatigue may be a symptom for which there is legitimate reason to seek medical treatment, the use of testosterone products may not be the best remedy.

Drilling companies are exempt from providing certain protections

In Texas, the oil business looms large in the state’s mythology. The statewide boom of fracking and drilling has given the industry more attention of late. But as we have previously pointed out, not all of that attention is for positive reasons. In spite of the focus on safety provided by the oil companies and government agencies, fatal accidents can still occur in Texas oil fields.

Serious accident in Texas attributed to elderly man

Typically, people want to maintain their ability to get things done on their own for as long as possible. But age catches up with everyone and one day it may be best to turn the driving responsibilities over to someone who is better suited to the task. Drivers who have reached a point in their lives where they are prone to profound confusion can pose a serious risk to themselves and others when they get behind the wheel.

Prescription drugs should relieve problems, not cause them

You have likely heard the old idiom, “the cure is worse than the disease.” This well-worn phrase is generally used metaphorically to describe how sometimes solutions to problems just create more problems. However, the phrase can take on a literal, and even deadly meaning when applied to certain prescription drugs.

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