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How do dram shop laws affect auto accident liability claims?

In a perfect world, everyone would know their limitations when it comes to consuming alcohol. But unfortunately, far too many people choose to overindulge while at the bar or in the club prior to getting behind the wheel of an automobile. Drunk drivers put everyone on the road, including themselves and their passengers, in grave danger.

One problem is that alcohol clouds human judgment. This means that once a person has imbibed too much, he or she may be incapable of making good decisions. When a person is inebriated to the point of not thinking clearly, it may be necessary for others to act responsibly on his or her behalf.

But what happens if someone is served alcohol in a public venue and then later causes a car accident? Does the establishment that served the person alcohol bear any liability for that accident? Well, according to what are called "dram shop laws," it is possible for a plaintiff to recover damages from a vendor who sold alcohol to someone who went on to cause an accident.

So, if you are ever in a drunk driver-related accident and are seeking compensation for injuries or other damages, you may wish to consider having dram shop laws invoked against the drinking establishment who sold the driver alcohol. But in order to do this, you will likely need to perform an investigation to prove that the drinking establishment is indeed partially responsible for the accident taking place.

A Texas motor vehicle accident attorney may be of service when it comes to discovering which parties are culpable in a drunk driving accident. The attorney could investigate the details of the case to help you uncover pertinent information that may be used in building a liability case.

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