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April 2017 Archives

Who pays in a trucking accident?

If you are involved in an accident with another passenger vehicle in Texas, your insurance and the other driver's provider will likely be responsible to pay for the repair of any damage that is caused or injuries that are sustained. This is generally straight forward in multi-car accidents, but what happens when the other vehicle involved is a truck? U.S. Insurance Agents details who can expect to pay when you are hit by a truck.

What are commercial trucker "no-zones?"

As a Texas driver, you may have had an incident or two when another vehicle, motorcycle or cyclist found its way into your blind spot. Blind spots are the areas around your vehicle that can prove hard for you to see while you are manning the vehicle controls, and they are not exclusive to passenger cars, as truckers have them, too.

Witness videotapes distracted driver just prior to crash

Texas residents have good reason to be concerned about the growing number of people texting while driving. This behavior takes not just a person's eyes off the road but hands and mental concentration as well. A bill in the state legislature that aims to ban texting while driving was recently passed by the House of Representatives. It will now be voted on by the Senate. Interestingly, handhled use of phones for non-texting purposes would still be allowed.

How can I safely drive around large trucks?

As a Texas motorist, you no doubt encounter your fair share of large commercial trucks when traversing the state's many highways. While it's up to truck drivers to ensure they are following the rules of the road, there are also steps you can take to keep safety a top priority. This may not always prevent accidents from occurring, but is important to reduce the risk of a serious injury.

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