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Work-related strain on truck drivers can increase risks to others

Far too many people think of trucks as minefields on the road. In reality, the modern American economy depends on these massive vehicles. Transportation by train is no longer feasible in many areas, while air transportation of goods and materials is very expensive.

In order to keep retail merchandising and basic supplies affordable, road transportation is necessary. Commercial drivers help keep the American economy moving. However, their job is a stressful and demanding one. The strain caused by this job could result in mistakes that prove injurious or fatal to you or other people on the road.

Truck drivers often have strict deadlines

Transportation companies are often unforgiving when they set schedules and deadlines for deliveries. They will not account for issues with the weather or traffic conditions in urban areas. Truck drivers must simply find a way to offset times when they slow down to make it to their delivery point.

Companies have different ways that they enforce scheduling policies. Some companies offer a bonus for on-time delivery. That bonus maybe a lump sum or a few additional pennies per mile for the driver. Other companies take a different approach. They may penalize drivers who don't make deliveries on time. Each delayed delivery could result in a write-up, with three resulting in termination.

Unfortunately, this motivates truck drivers to bend or break traffic laws and trucking safety laws in an effort to protect their income and job security.

Trucking can be a lonely and isolating career path

Driving commercial vehicles to transport goods can be a lucrative job. People with minimal education may be able to make six figures annually and set their own schedules. This is more flexibility than they might find in many other fields. However, there are downsides to this career path as well.

Truckers are often on the road for days or weeks at a time. This can leave them lonely and isolated from their friends and family. The end result of that isolation can be serious depression, which may impact job performance.

Other times, in an effort to stave off loneliness, truck drivers may engage in unsafe distractions on the road. These could include spending hours on the phone with someone or texting. Some truck drivers may even surf the web and post on social media while driving.

When commercial drivers make mistakes, other people usually pay

Unfortunately, truck drivers rarely have to deal with the consequences of poor decisions. It is all too often a burden that falls to people in passenger vehicles. The vast majority of fatalities related to crashes between passenger vehicles and commercial trucks affect the people in the smaller vehicles.

Understanding how difficult trucking is can give you more compassion for commercial drivers. It should also prompt you to take greater care when driving in close proximity to these large, potentially dangerous vehicles.

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