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Things you can do to prevent a car-truck accident

Operating a passenger vehicle in close proximity to a commercial truck is easier said than done. This is particularly true on busy highways in which there is a large concentration of these vehicles.

As a driver of a passenger vehicle, there are steps you can take to enhance your safety and prevent an accident with a commercial truck. Here are six things to do:

  • Avoid blind spots: Truckers have a difficult time seeing your vehicle when you're beside their truck or directly behind it. Do your best to make yourself visible at all times.
  • Be careful when changing lanes: Be sure to leave enough space when changing lanes in front of a truck, as these large vehicles are difficult to stop abruptly.
  • Never pass a truck on the right: You should never pass any type of vehicle in the right lane, and this definitely holds true of commercial trucks. If you're going to pass a truck, do so in the left lane.
  • Watch yourself when merging: It's not easy for a commercial truck to move out of your way when you're merging onto the highway. If necessary, slow down when merging until the truck drives by. This will give you more space to safely enter the highway.
  • Beware of the weather: For example, strong winds can knock a truck out of its lane of travel, thus increasing the chance of a collision. When the weather takes a turn for the worst, leave even more space between your vehicle and the many trucks on the road.
  • Pull as far off the road as possible: If you need to pull to the side of the road, leave as much space as you can between your vehicle and traffic. You don't want to risk a commercial truck striking your vehicle as it passes by.

Even if you take all these steps, you could still be part of a car-truck accident. Due to the size difference, there's a good chance you'll suffer a serious injury. Not to mention the fact that your vehicle is likely to sustain major damage.

Once you receive treatment, learn more about the accident and contact your insurance company to discuss the claims process. If you find that the trucker caused the crash, your goal is to hold this person responsible for their negligence.

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