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After Foot-Dragging, Ford Recalls 144,000 Defective F-150 Trucks

After years of widespread consumer safety issues with airbags, Ford reluctantly recalled nearly 150,000 pickups in its F-150 line of trucks. Ford's slow-to-the-draw recall comes as somewhat of a surprise considering their long line of problems with the F-150s, including deadly fire hazards. With a loyal following by hard-working men and women in San Antonio and throughout Texas, you'd think that Ford would move swiftly on such a dangerous symptom like airbag defects.

Rental Car Companies Failing to Protect Customers, Ignore Recalls

A dangerous practice has been getting a lot of attention in Texas and across the nation: rental car companies' failure to get vehicles fixed after motor vehicle manufacturers announce recalls. This unsafe practice is incredibly negligent, as recalls are issued to avoid serious injury or deaths from occurring with known auto defects.

Automakers' Tactics Try to Prevent Victims from Getting Their Due

Automakers' defective vehicles have recently injured thousands of people, yet they are making it increasingly difficult for victims to win settlements in legitimate cases. Legal experts believe companies like Toyota - which has seen a sharp increase in catastrophic injuries and deaths as a result of the unintended acceleration in some of its vehicles - will basically try to outlast and outspend plaintiffs in lawsuits, even after the plaintiff wins a jury verdict.

Yamaha Rhino ATV rollover injuries

The Yamaha Rhino ATV has a high center of gravity that makes it susceptible to rollovers even at moderate and slower speeds. This design and manufacturing defect has caused many serious injuries throughout the country and elsewhere. We investigate and evaluate claims these claims that often involve serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries. The Rhino was sold and marketed by the manufacturer and continues to be sold and marketed (with few modifications) in spite of clear evidence of the design defect. If you have one of these vehicles please make sure that precautions and safety measures are used or installed. If you were injured in an ATV accident, call us and we will evaluate your case with no cost or obligation.

Ford F-150s Pose Fire Hazard: NHTSA Considering a Possible Recall

A staple of life for many Texans, the Ford F-150 pickup truck is currently being investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) because of a defect that can cause fuel-system fires and spills.

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