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What are some defensive strategies to use near big rig trucks?

When driving on Texas highways, it is extremely common to find yourself sharing the road with large big rig trucks. Many of these trucks are carrying cargo to destinations in and around San Antonio. And while trucks perform an indispensable service, they can sometimes make your driving experience a bit stressful. After all, these vehicles are so large and so powerful that they simply overmatch passenger vehicles.

Expert says trucking industry policies contribute to accidents

If you watch the local news or read the newspaper, you may have noticed the regularity with which accidents involving big rig trucks are reported. You may also be familiar with the tragic truck crash in New Jersey in which comedian Tracy Morgan was injured and several other people were killed. But truck accidents occur with shocking frequency across the country and Texas is no exception.

How do dram shop laws affect auto accident liability claims?

In a perfect world, everyone would know their limitations when it comes to consuming alcohol. But unfortunately, far too many people choose to overindulge while at the bar or in the club prior to getting behind the wheel of an automobile. Drunk drivers put everyone on the road, including themselves and their passengers, in grave danger.

How can I avoid becoming fatigued while driving?

Each year, fatigued drivers are responsible for causing 100,000 motor vehicle crashes. The most obvious way to avoid causing a car accident due to being drowsy is to get plenty of sleep prior to hitting the road.

Police apprehend driver allegedly responsible for collision

By and large, cities in Texas are very spread out. This means that many of us depend on cars as our chief form of transportation. It also means that we may spend a lot of time on the road while getting from here to there. And when we go out, we hope that those with whom we are sharing the road are careful and responsible drivers.

Female pedestrian injured by hit-and-run driver

Common sense would dictate that a driver who strikes a pedestrian should stop and remain at the scene to help the injured party. But as hard as it may be to believe, there are people who will not take responsibility for their actions behind the wheel.

Serious accident in Texas attributed to elderly man

Typically, people want to maintain their ability to get things done on their own for as long as possible. But age catches up with everyone and one day it may be best to turn the driving responsibilities over to someone who is better suited to the task. Drivers who have reached a point in their lives where they are prone to profound confusion can pose a serious risk to themselves and others when they get behind the wheel.

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