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Federal registration for truck carriers: new process, part 1

One of the rules of thumb in any type of endeavor is that 80 percent of the problems are caused by 20 percent of the people. To be sure, the breakdown in a particular field may not be 80 / 20. The point, however, is that a small number of bad actors are often responsible for a disproportionate share of incidents.

Tougher hit-and-run law set to go into effect in Texas

Whenever someone gets behind the wheel of a car, he or she accepts responsibility for their conduct on the road. Although a person may not want to face the consequences of causing a car accident, the law requires that drivers remain at the scene of a crash. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to ignore this requirement.

4,000 DWI arrests this year, SAPD prepares for more on Labor Day

It is Labor Day weekend already and almost everyone has made plans for the last full weekend before we have to say goodbye to summer. It is a weekend when friends and family get together to celebrate. As a part of these celebrations, it is common to pull out the blender, crack open a cold one or pour something on the rocks.

Danger in the driveway: backup accidents and rearview cameras

When most of us think of truck accidents, we think of big rigs. After all, the image of an 18-wheeler jackknifing or otherwise going out of control, putting others on the road at risk, is a vivid one. And big trucks do cause thousands of accidents with serious injuries and fatalities across the country every year.

Brain injuries: new device could help assess consciousness level

Even with more crash-worthy cars and greater seat-belt use, many people suffer brain injuries in motor vehicle accidents. That is why we continue to follow developments in the medical community regarding the treatment options for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other forms of brain damage.

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