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How can I avoid becoming fatigued while driving?

Each year, fatigued drivers are responsible for causing 100,000 motor vehicle crashes. The most obvious way to avoid causing a car accident due to being drowsy is to get plenty of sleep prior to hitting the road.

Driverless vehicles could reduce number of car accidents

There was a time when your friendly Texas mechanic would give your car a checkup by popping the hood and having a direct look at the engine. However, nowadays, automotive diagnostics consist largely of a technician downloading data from your car's on-board computer system. Models of cars are constantly being given technological upgrades, in part to make them safer on the road.

Texas motor vehicle accident leaves a child dead

Many times, when one talks about car accidents, he or she is referring to collisions that occur on the roadway. However, a motor vehicle accident can take place in a variety of locations. Some crashes even involve cars wrecking into houses or stores. One Texas accident shows that parking lots can be just as dangerous for drivers and pedestrians as being on the road.

Teens become distracted easily behind the wheel

After teenagers get their driver's licenses, they often just want to grab the keys and get behind the wheel without a care in the world. Unfortunately, teen drivers have a higher risk for being in a car accident so this care-free behavior can be very dangerous.

The new trend in distracted driving: the selfie

Since cell phones have become popular in the last decade for more than just business people, people have started to use them throughout the day, including while behind the wheel of their cars. First, talking on a cell phone while driving was a large cause of distractions, but as technology evolved, texting became popular and now, picture messaging and social media.

The end of Daylight Saving Time increases pedestrian accidents

When we set our clocks back one hour last weekend, many of us noticed the night coming earlier than last week, and our commutes may have been a bit darker. According to a report, Daylight Saving Time ending causes pedestrian accidents across the country to increase.

Is world without car accidents possible with driverless cars?

If 90 percent of car accidents are caused by human error, might it make sense to take the human variable out of driving? Car companies are getting closer each year to making this a reality. Although there is still a lot of development, testing, and cost reduction that must take place before the road is filled with driverless vehicles, crash prevention technology is already starting to reduce the number of car accidents on the road today.

Downplaying risks of texting while driving could be dangerous

Most people understand that texting while driving is a dangerous activity. The problem is, many people still do it. They might think that they are capable of multitasking, and the other people on the road are not good at texting and driving. A recent study found that men are more likely to downplay the risk of distracted driving from texting. Even though women send more text messages on average, men are more likely to think that they are capable of effectively sending text messages while driving.

San Antonio Interstate closed after zesty accident

It was 3 a.m. Thursday morning, when a tractor-trailer spilled produce over Interstate 37 in San Antonio. This accident happened after the truck driver reportedly took an exit too fast, causing his tractor-trailer to tip over. The cargo of limes spilled over the highway, causing its closure for nine hours while crews worked to clean up the mess.

Backup car accidents preventable, policies remain unchanged

When a person goes to pick out a new car, they have many safety options to choose from. These options don't come standard on many vehicles, but could help prevent serious car accidents. Backup cameras, backup sensors, lane-departure warning and prevention systems, and cars that can autonomously stop themselves seem like the way of the near future.

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