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Territorial dogs pose potential dangers for children

If a dog is properly trained and cared for, it will likely never cause anyone a moment's distress. Likewise, if a dog's owner prevents the dog from roaming freely throughout a neighborhood, then it will have little opportunity to get into trouble. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to take on the responsibilities of dog ownership.

Dog attack leads to tragedy in Texas

Most dog owners in San Antonio understand the importance of properly caring for their beloved pets. They know that good pet ownership extends beyond feeding and exercise. A properly cared for animal is also well trained and mindfully watched over. Good training and supervision help keep pets and those who come in contact with them safe from harm.

San Antonio woman files suit in Texas after dog bite overseas

A San Antonio woman was in Afghanistan two years ago, when she says she was attacked by a military dog. Last month, she filed a lawsuit in Texas against the companies that reportedly trained and owned the canine and employed its handler when the incident occurred.

Texas is third in the number of dog bite incidents

Dog bites and animal attacks appear to be an increasing problem across our state.  It was reported that Texas has the third highest amount of reported dog bite incidents in the country.  It appears that the number of dog bite incidents in the Texas area may actually increase during the summer months as well.

Major helmet maker loses brain injury lawsuit

When people play sports, they assume there is some risk level of being injured. Players often take measures to minimize injuries based on their knowledge of what equipment and safety guidelines might minimize their risk. If a person doesn't know about all of the risks because a company or person fails to warn them, certain parties might be negligent.

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