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Talk with your pharmacist and doctor about new prescriptions

At some point in our lives, most of us will need some form of medication to combat an illness or treat a condition. We trust that the companies producing the drugs we need will take proper care in making sure they are not dangerous or defective. Additionally, doctors should take the necessary precautions to make sure the medications they prescribe will not harm their patients.

What process is used to prevent the marketing of dangerous drugs?

In a perfect world, everyone would enjoy good health all the time and there would be no need to take medicine. But sometimes we have to depend upon medications to treat conditions or ailments. When this is the case, we must trust that the medicines we take are safe. So what processes are in place to help ensure our safety?

Disreputable websites may sell defective drugs

Many of us rely on medications in order to function and feel good on a daily basis. For some people, required medications are a necessary part of life. But drugs can be very expensive. It would be perfectly understandable for a person to look for the best price available for a medication.

Drug companies must make testing a priority over marketing

At times, it can seem like we are awash in advertising for all manner of pills, creams, ointments and other assorted forms of medicine. The messages that take up so much time during commercial breaks on television and radio describe the amazing healing powers that these wonder drugs possess.

Testosterone therapy may be a trap

Due to aggressive marketing strategies employed by pharmaceutical companies, many men have been pitched the idea that they may reap benefits from undergoing testosterone therapy. The advertising entices interest by asking men if they feel tired. While fatigue may be a symptom for which there is legitimate reason to seek medical treatment, the use of testosterone products may not be the best remedy.

Prescription drugs should relieve problems, not cause them

You have likely heard the old idiom, “the cure is worse than the disease.” This well-worn phrase is generally used metaphorically to describe how sometimes solutions to problems just create more problems. However, the phrase can take on a literal, and even deadly meaning when applied to certain prescription drugs.

Lawsuit claims testosterone therapy responsible for heart attack

At present, the Food and Drug Administration is planning to make a reassessment of testosterone therapy product safety. No less than two recently published reports offer findings indicating that the drugs used in testosterone therapy may raise the probability of heart attacks and other negative cardiovascular events.

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