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Posts tagged "dog bites" says Texas leads the nation in fatal dog attacks, which describes itself as one of the only websites that advocates for the safety of people first, dogs second, has a rather detailed report about the rate of fatal dog attacks in Texas. According to the report, Texas leads the nation in the number of deaths associated with dog bites from Jan. 2005 to Feb. 2013. During that time period, 34 Texans lost their lives because dogs attacked them.

Major insurer stops covering pit bull attacks

Major insurance company Farmers Group, Inc. has announced plans to stop providing homeowners coverage for California dog owners with pit bulls, Rottweilers, and wolf hybrids, according to Sharon Bernstein with NBC Los Angeles.

Surprising advice for dog bite prevention

Following the advice of a cosmetic surgeon, one who has treated a fair number of people for facial injuries from dog bites in his career, is generally a good idea. Surgeon John Holtzen writes that dog bites are one of the more common sources of traumatic facial injuries every year in the U.S. - and these bites, at least in his experience, don't come as often from the dogs known to be aggressive.

Cat bites are 'nothing to trivialize'

It's not just aggressive dogs you've got to worry about. In fact, you might have more to worry about if you're bitten by a cat than if you're bitten by a dog. As Marie Joyce writes for the Washington Post, a cat named Sammy put her in the hospital for four whole days.

Tips to prevent dog bites this Halloween

In anticipation of Halloween, CBS News in Dallas-Fort Worth gives us some tips on how to prevent a dog bite. Dog bites might be the greater threat, according to the report, than your kids getting overloaded on candy. Because dogs tend to be territorial, especially among strangers, the prospect of kids running around other people's lawns could be dangerous.

Dogs 'bred to fight lions' take center stage in neighborhood dispute

Told to either move away with their dogs or have the dogs taken away from them, Gary and Susan Kolb originally said they would move out. As neighbor Ron Barone said, "Why wouldn't you move to a farm up here? There's acres and acres and acres of land up here."

Staples and stitches after bad dog attack in Odessa, TX

Shannon Murray's CBS 7 story describes a thin stray dog trotting up to an Odessa woman while she was taking out the trash in the morning. The woman, Bonne Anthony, could see its rib cage. She felt sorry for it. Thinking the animal hungry, she threw dog food.

Animal control policy changing in Fort Worth, TX

When the operators of animal shelters feel crunched, the trouble seems to fall on the animals, at least according to the Human Society, which, as Scott Nishimura reports for the Star-Telegram, is none too pleased about recent changes to animal control policy in Fort Worth.

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