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Posts tagged "pit bulls" says Texas leads the nation in fatal dog attacks, which describes itself as one of the only websites that advocates for the safety of people first, dogs second, has a rather detailed report about the rate of fatal dog attacks in Texas. According to the report, Texas leads the nation in the number of deaths associated with dog bites from Jan. 2005 to Feb. 2013. During that time period, 34 Texans lost their lives because dogs attacked them.

Pit bull attacks, kills two-year-old boy in Texas

When the little boy ran after his balloon, which had floated into the yard of a neighbor, the pit bull chained up in the neighbor's yard attacked him and the boy lost his life. But the dog owner won't face charges in this particular Texas dog bite case.

Major insurer stops covering pit bull attacks

Major insurance company Farmers Group, Inc. has announced plans to stop providing homeowners coverage for California dog owners with pit bulls, Rottweilers, and wolf hybrids, according to Sharon Bernstein with NBC Los Angeles.

The pit bull as 'dangerous weapon'

Prosecutors have offered the 28-year-old dog owner stark options: a plea deal that would have him pleading guilty to the felony of having a dangerous animal that caused serious injury, or face the more serious felony of assault with a dangerous weapon, among other charges.

Pit bull busts out of kennel, mauls grandmother to death

As Denise A. Justin reports for Opposing Views, a woman died a "gruesome death" from an animal attack, as the police officer on the scene described it, when her granddaughter's pit bull broke out of its kennel and mauled the woman to death.

Dogs kill family pet and threaten elderly woman

A south Texas neighborhood is frustrated by threatening behavior from a pair of pit bulls. The two dogs recently killed a neighbor's pet and charged at an older woman sitting on her porch. After the attack, neighbors fear similar dog bite incidents.

Pit bull discrimination? Recent news about breed-specific legislation

A county-wide ban on pit bulls (Miami-Dade in Florida) will stay in place, as it has for more than 20 years, reports Elinor J. Brecher for the Miami Herald. The original 1989 ban came about after an 8-year-old child suffered horrendous dog bite injuries from a pit bull.

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