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Trucking or Bus Accident Archives

Onus on truckers to file inspection reports will lessen: FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration often doesn’t know what the response is going to be when it solicits comments from the trucking industry on a proposed change or new regulation. The commercial trucking industry is far from monolithic, and many FMCSA-related matters on safety and ideas for reducing truck accidents are met with both approbation and condemnation, depending on the industry segment that is responding.

Texting isn't the only danger on a cellphone

Cellphones have fallen squarely in the traffic safety spotlight -- and not in a good way. Distracted driving has been the focus of debate, education and legislation across the country. Texting while driving garners a large percentage of the discussion time, but it certainly isn't the only technology found on cellphones that is causing accidents in Texas

Dueling proposals in Congress on allowable truck weights, part 1

It's already been a month since we last posted on the subject of weight limits for trucks. In our June 13 post, we noted that some trucking industry interests want Congress to raise the limits to 97,000 pounds on six axles.

TxDOT has launched a drunk driving prevention campaign

Americans grow up learning that drinking and driving is dangerous. Kids are taught this message in elementary schools and are bombarded by reminders throughout their high school years. Safety advocates hope that by teaching children this message early that it will stick with them later in life. However, the message is too often muddied in adulthood. Which is partially why Texans are hurt and killed in drunk driving accidents an average of once every 20 minutes, 365 days a year.

Emergency response vehicles: the need to stay safe en route

It's always a fine line when first responders are headed for an emergency scene. On the one hand, there is an urgent need to arrive quickly. But on the other hand, it makes no sense for a police car, fire truck or ambulance to drive so fast that the risk of causing an accident on the way is excessively elevated.

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