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Electronic truck records: an update on EOBR implementation

Electronic truck records are coming. In fact, for many companies they are already here. After all, it isn't necessary for trucking companies to wait for a mandatory federal rule to make the transition from paper logs to electronic records.

The importance of accident investigation: a case in point

This is a follow-up to our May 24 post about the high-profile accident in Washington state in which a semi-trailer collided with a support beam of a bridge. The ensuing bridge collapse sent two vehicles plunging into the river below. Three people had to be rescued from the icy water.

Inspection program underway for commercial vehicles in Texas

Inspections are important for truck safety. Without regular safety inspections, it is tempting for trucking companies to cut corners in many different ways. They may overload trucks. Or they may allow drivers to drive longer than federal hours-of-service limits allow. And these are only two examples; there are many others.

Electronic truck records: why they're important

We last wrote about electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) in our April 12 post. In that post, we discussed the process for developing a mandatory federal rule. Many trucking companies are already starting to adopt electronic record-keeping voluntarily, without waiting for a federal rule.

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