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Trucking or Bus Accident Archives

Midland Parade Disaster: Investigators Release Interview Notes

For the first time since the tragic accident in which a train crashed into a parade float in Midland last November, federal authorities have released some of the information from their investigation. Previously, we had heard that the train that hit a flatbed truck was traveling around 62 mph and that all warning systems appeared to be in working order.

Clarifying confusion in Texas accident only leads to more

Texas is a state that places a high value on the service that military veterans have selflessly donated to the residents of our country. When a truck-train accident occurred nearly half a year ago, it affected a lot of Texas residents in a personal way. 

Texas School Bus Crash Kills 1, Injures 3 Students

A three-vehicle crash injured three school bus students and left one driver dead this morning. According to law enforcement officials, the crash happened when one driver's car swerved slowly across the median line and into the oncoming lane of vehicles. Despite both drivers' attempts to avoid the wreck, the car hit the bus head-on.

Some types of truck accidents are more common than others

Each truck accident has its own set of particular facts and individuals involved. In that sense, each accident is unique. But when federal safety regulators delve into the data on big rig accidents, they see patterns. These patterns show that certain types of accidents keep recurring, time after time.

More On Drowsy Driving: FDA Acts To Reduce Sleep Aid Risks

Our last post covered the recent attention that has focused on drowsy driving dangers in the wake of a new report highlighting the number of fatal crashes that involve fatigued drivers. This week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration entered the picture by approving new dosage recommendations for one of the nation's most popular sleep aids: Ambien.

Driverless cars: safety concerns and technological possibilities

Driverless cars keep coming closer and closer. Sure, many of us have heard of Google's efforts to construct such a computer-operated car. But until recently, the venture seemed pretty speculative - not something that could soon affect drivers in Texas and across the country.

Drowsy Driving And Trucking Accidents

According to federal statistics and a myriad of recent headlines in national publications, drowsy driving is a big problem on roads in Texas and the rest of America. The risks of falling asleep at the wheel could hardly be more obvious - yet American drivers apparently doze off on a regular basis. Between 2000 and 2010, more than 11,000 people died in fatigue-related crashes.

Criminal Penalties In Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

This week, a Texas court sentenced a truck driver to ten years of jail time. The sentence resolves a criminal case that has been pending since last fall. According to a plea agreement, however, the trucker will only serve one of those ten years.

Texas Plane Crash Claims Two Lives

Two unidentified victims died after a small private aircraft went down in Gillespie County. The accident occurred around 1:25 Thursday afternoon and, although emergency crews responded quickly and reported the site "under control" within an hour, they were too late to save any of the passengers.

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