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Trucking or Bus Accident Archives

18-Wheeler Loses Control And Crashes - Cause Remains Unknown

When driving a massive vehicle like an 18-wheel semi-truck, it is even more important to stay in control at all times. Even a minor mistake can lead to a catastrophic accident when a large, heavy truck is involved.

San Antonio Truck Crash Injures Three

Two San Antonio motorists found themselves trapped between a dump truck and an 18-wheeler this week after one of the trucks crashed into them. The accident occurred during the morning commute on Wednesday and may have involved several common trucking problems.

Distracted driving more dangerous than drunk driving

Two days ago we wrote about the driver of a "monster truck," his modified Ford F-250, who was drunk behind the wheel after drinking for hours at a strip club, and ended up hitting and killing a young woman in the parking lot.

Dallas County jury awards huge verdict to family after 'monster truck' death

The heavily-modified, jacked-up Ford F-250 pickup shouldn't have even been on the road, according to Bruce Tomaso with the Dallas Morning News, when the driver of the so-called "monster truck," Eric Crutchfield, crushed a young woman outside a strip club in 2011.

Vigilante father charged with murder in related DWI fatality in Texas

The 31-year-old father took a gun from his home, went outside to the site of the accident, and shot the driver responsible for the DWI-related wreck in the head. This was shortly after the driver had plowed into the pickup truck and killed the father's two young sons.

Texas ranks low on highway safety laws

According to the Houston Chronicle, Texas is one of the worst states for highway safety laws. For anyone who's driven recently in South Texas, especially around the 18-wheelers and large commercial trucks from the Eagle Ford Shale, you already might've guessed that the law hasn't kept up with driving conditions.

Obese drivers, passengers more likely to be killed in auto accidents

We've written about the problem of obesity and the health conditions that stem from it (sleep apnea). Sleep apnea causes disruptions in sleep and can lead to drowsiness during the day. This is an obvious problem for people who drive commercial trucks for a living.

'Anti-government mood' to blame, in part, for lack of new road-safety laws

Larry Copeland, reporting for USA Today, cites the "anti-government mood" in many states when writing about how fewer and fewer state lawmakers are passing road-safety laws against such behavior as texting while driving, drunk driving and not wearing a seat belt.

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