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Trucking or Bus Accident Archives

High Speed Dangers: Crossing Wildlife

A Texas family is taking advantage of their lucky escape from a high-speed crash to warn other drivers about a big danger on the state's roads. When driving at high speeds, drivers are often unable to avoid obstacles in the road. In Texas, crossing wildlife is one such potential obstacle.

Truck Safety: Caffeine Can Help And That's A Problem

A new study is concluding that truck drivers who drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages make themselves much less likely to cause or be involved in an accident. This is good news on the surface-but the findings also highlight an ongoing safety problem in the trucking industry.

Texas Truck Crash Throws Dangerous Debris Onto Highway

When something goes wrong with a large, 18-wheel semi-truck, the crashing truck itself is just one of the dangers to passing motorists. A truck accident that occurred this week in Lubbock County, Texas shows another problem: the trailer left its cargo strewn all over the road.

Truck Accidents: Basic Facts About Trucking Dangers

Unfortunately, trucking accidents are a common occurrence with 18-wheel tractor-trailers and other large vehicles a common presence on Texas roadways. Trucking might be something of a necessary evil - but Texans should not have to worry about the likelihood of a serious truck crash. Better safety practices could help the trucking industry cut down on the more than 200,000 crashes that occur every year throughout the United States.

Federal Safety Agency Welcomes Newest Class Of Inspector-Trainees

As the state with one of the highest rates of truck accidents, it is perhaps appropriate that Texas hosts one of the most important truck safety functions in the nation. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration operates its Safety Investigator Academy in San Marcos, Texas.

At Least It's Progress: ATA Reports Safety Improvements In 2012

As a leading organization in the trucking industry, the American Trucking Association plays an important role in trying to reduce the rate of serious crashes that currently plague Texas roadways. One of the ATA's goals involves a list of what observers describe as "20 critical steps" to help cut accident rates. The ATA recently announced that it has made progress in several of these 20 areas.

Trucking Accident Kills Six People After Safety Violations, Pt. 2

Federal authorities at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration play an important role on behalf of motorists in Texas and around the nation. As the federal agency in charge of commercial vehicles, its responsibilities involve conducting safety inspections at truck companies and reporting the results to individual states.

Texas Truck Rollover Crash Ignites Fuel Fire

When a large vehicle like an 18-wheel semi truck runs into trouble, the problems can spread far beyond the vehicle itself. A recent Texas crash is a perfect example. After an 18-wheeler lost control and flipped on its side while navigating an interstate junction, it ignited a potentially dangerous grass fire.

Trucking Accident Kills Six People After Safety Violations, Pt. 1

A tragic truck accident killed six people, including two children, last week - drawing attention to a trucking company with a history of serious safety violations. This company will likely face lawsuits involving the accident. Based on its spotty record with federal regulators, the victims' family members seem likely to have strong arguments.

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