After An Oil Field Or Gas Injury Such As These, Pursue Maximum Compensation

Oil field and gas production and maintenance jobs lure many who are attracted by training opportunities and high pay. Unfortunately, these jobs also present hazards to workers, even with safety precautions in place. If you have been injured in one of the following ways while working on an oil field or gas production site or traveling to and from oil and gas worksites, turn to a trusted legal advocate.

At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, we will work hard to ensure that you have access to quality medical care while your oil or gas-related injury case is pending. We will advise you on ways to streamline coordination between your workers’ compensation claim and any related third-party liability case, such as a lawsuit against an equipment manufacturer or a subcontractor.

Our San Antonio Oil Field Accident Lawyers Can Begin An Investigation Now

We will get to the bottom of how and why you were injured and fight for your right to compensation appropriate for your serious injury such as the following:

  • A heat-related injury, such as burns caused by a pipeline explosion or exposure to hot equipment or oil
  • An injury occurring in a crash on a job site or en route to and from job sites
  • A cold stress injury, such as hypothermia, with serious complications
  • A brain injury triggered by entrapment in an oxygen-deficient confined space, near-drowning in an excavation pit, or exposure to toxic gases or chemicals
  • A slip-and-fall injury, possibly caused by workplace conditions such as a noisy work environment that left you unable to hear called-out warnings
  • A head, shoulder or any injury occurring when you were struck by a falling object or falling loose rock or soil
  • An injury to a finger, hand, arm, foot or leg
  • An amputation injury
  • A crush injury

We also represent surviving close family members when such injuries are fatal to oil and gas workers.

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Contact a work accident attorney at The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery for counsel and representation after you have suffered a serious or catastrophic injury while working or visiting an oil field or gas production worksite. Call 210-340-0900 or complete our online form to request a free consultation with an experienced trial lawyer.