When Your Oilfield Accident Was Caused By A Third Party

Your first path to medical and financial relief after an oilfield injury will likely be a workers’ compensation claim. Your employer should direct you on how to apply and get your benefits coming as soon as possible, including coverage for medical care and other types of compensation that will depend on how long you must be out of work, among other factors. At the same time, however, you should not delay consulting with a personal injury lawyer to determine what other sources of compensation are available in your case.

At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, we are diligent to explore all possible avenues of support for our clients who have been injured while working at or visiting oilfield job sites. When we investigate the circumstances of an oilfield accident, we often discover that a third party – not the worker’s employer – was fully or partially responsible. A personal injury claim against a third party can bring financial relief that an injured oilfield worker and his or her family badly need.

Third Parties Who May Be Responsible To Compensate Injured Oilfield Workers

Examples of third parties who are potentially liable in an oilfield accident case are:

  • A manufacturer of dangerous or poorly engineered equipment
  • An installer, inspector or repairer of tools or equipment that failed to protect users
  • A contractor operating a vehicle at a job site
  • A delivery service that owned or dispatched a vehicle that caused a crash at the job site

An injury claim against a third party such as these will be a personal injury claim or lawsuit separate from, and over and above, your workers’ compensation claim for benefits.

While workers’ compensation does not allow for recovery for pain and suffering, a personal injury case may allow it. Many injured workers find workers’ compensation benefits helpful but insufficient, especially when injuries cause lasting effects and disabilities. A third-party liability claim, in addition to a workers’ compensation claim through an employer’s insurer, can go a long way toward making life manageable again for someone recovering from serious injuries occurring on oilfields or gas production sites.

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