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Truckers and the trucking industry may oppose hours-of-service rules against driving too long, arguing that they interfere with their jobs, but these rules exist for a reason. The rules help to protect other drivers on the road.

The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, has been representing people injured in truck accidents since 1990. We’ve handled nearly every type of trucking accident claim in our years of practice, including those that result from hours-of-service violations.

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Legal Representation When Truckers And Their Employers Break The Rules

In the trucking industry, a “comic book” is the logbook that truckers show law enforcement authorities to make it appear as though they’re following hours-of-service rules.

While not all truckers keep so-called comic books, their existence goes to show that the trucking industry values profit over safety, and in some cases the trucker’s employer will knowingly pressure or allow the trucker to violate hours of service.

Electronic Logbooks To Improve Trucking Safety

It’s getting more difficult for the trucking industry to violate hours-of-service rules. Electronic logbooks are the result of efforts to improve safety and compliance with the rules.

But not every truck has them, and even if a truck does have an onboard electronic recorder, the hours-of-service rules can still likely be broken, depending on the circumstances.

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The hours-of-service rules boil down to preventing a trucker from falling asleep behind the wheel and causing an accident. Like any other type of truck accident case, we look for the cause, and we hold truck drivers and employers accountable for negligence.

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