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How do dram shop laws affect auto accident liability claims?

In a perfect world, everyone would know their limitations when it comes to consuming alcohol. But unfortunately, far too many people choose to overindulge while at the bar or in the club prior to getting behind the wheel of an automobile. Drunk drivers put everyone on the road, including themselves and their passengers, in grave danger.

Talk with your pharmacist and doctor about new prescriptions

At some point in our lives, most of us will need some form of medication to combat an illness or treat a condition. We trust that the companies producing the drugs we need will take proper care in making sure they are not dangerous or defective. Additionally, doctors should take the necessary precautions to make sure the medications they prescribe will not harm their patients.

Weather conditions can create hazards in oilfields

Life as a Texas oilfield worker can be quite lucrative. Often workers put in long hours at a good rate of pay, and the dollars can really add up. But the oil companies that hire workers are not giving their money away; workers earn every penny. This is because the work is very strenuous and it takes someone who is physically strong and has a good work ethic to show up every day to get things done.

Out in the oil patch, working every day means taking on the elements. The different seasons can create special challenges and potential hazards.

What precautions for backyard pools help prevent drownings?

Many children are attracted to water. On a hot day, the lure of a swimming pool can be very hard for them to resist. But often children are oblivious to the dangers water can possess. It is estimated that every year, approximately 350 children who are under 5 years of age drown in pool accidents.

FDA sued for not releasing information about new drug

As consumers, we want to be well informed about any medication that we may be prescribed or given when in a hospital. It is also vital that medical professionals have as much information about a drug prior to approving its use for their patients.

How can I reduce the risk of injuries when stopping a dog fight?

Sometimes when dogs cross paths while out walking, they do not get along. Dog fights are very common and also very scary. Once dogs start violently tussling, it is very important to get them separated. But fighting dogs can bite and cause serious injuries. So what can you do to reduce the risk of being bitten when breaking up a dog fight?

The correct shoes can help prevent oilfield injuries

For those working in Texas oilfields, good physical health is an extremely valuable asset. In order to earn their paychecks, oilfield workers must be able to apply their strength and skills throughout long workdays. An oilfield injury could make it difficult or even impossible for a worker to meet the very taxing demands of the job.

In a previous post on this blog, we discussed what oilfield workers can do to help prevent injuring their hands. In this post, we go a bit lower and take a look at foot safety. Many oilfield jobs require long periods of standing or walking. A foot injury could keep a worker off the job for a prolonged period of time. Shoes are a key element of foot safety. Here are some things to know about safety footwear:

Compensation can help families that lose loved ones

Sometimes it is important to take a moment and carefully consider just how important family members are in our lives. The day to day business of living can sometimes make it hard to fully appreciate how our much of our personal well-being may be owed to being part of a family. Families can provide us with a sense of belonging and security. From the eldest matriarch to the youngest newborn, each member helps contribute to family's uniqueness.

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