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Pool operator negligence could result in drownings

Summer is on the horizon, which in Texas means long, hot days. But this is not such a bad thing when you consider that a hot day is a perfect day to jump into a swimming pool and enjoy a cooling dip. But safety is always a concern when swimming. Swimmers can suffer serious injuries if pool operators do not take proper precautions to ensure their pools are safe.

Disreputable websites may sell defective drugs

Many of us rely on medications in order to function and feel good on a daily basis. For some people, required medications are a necessary part of life. But drugs can be very expensive. It would be perfectly understandable for a person to look for the best price available for a medication.

Testosterone companies may use scare tactics in ads

The demands of daily life can prove taxing for any man. This can be especially true for men who are used to excelling in all aspects of their lives. But the aging process can affect a man's ability to keep pace. These changes are normal and typically not a cause for major concern.

Regardless, some men may seek to counter the signs of aging by undergoing testosterone therapy. But as we have reported on this blog, the Food and Drug Administration recently announced that testosterone products must now carry warnings informing consumers of potential heart attack and stroke risks.

Children can be taught rules to help avoid dog bites

Many children adore dogs. This is a healthy attitude to have that parents may wish to encourage. And while many dogs will behave very friendly with children, others can be aggressive and may even attack and bite. But a child is less likely to be harmed if he or she understands how to interact with a dog.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals advises parents to teach their children the following things to help them stay safe when approaching dogs:

The loss of a loved one deserves answers

The bonds we forge with our loved ones can be very strong. The thought of losing someone close may seem almost incomprehensible. Sadly, it is possible for an unforeseen tragedy to occur, taking someone of significance from our lives. When such an event takes place, it can be very difficult to reconcile how such a thing could happen.

How can I avoid becoming fatigued while driving?

Each year, fatigued drivers are responsible for causing 100,000 motor vehicle crashes. The most obvious way to avoid causing a car accident due to being drowsy is to get plenty of sleep prior to hitting the road.

The FDA uses different sources to learn of dangerous drugs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration exists to protect and promote the public's health. It does this by regulating a variety of products, among which are pharmaceutical drugs. Previously on this blog, we discussed what could inspire the FDA to ask for a drug recall. These issues included such things as flaws in a drug's manufacturing process or a drug that is believed to pose a health threat to consumers.

But before requesting a recall, the dangers posed by a drug must be brought to the FDA's attention. There are several possible ways the organization may receive information that could lead to a recall request:

● The FDA is contacted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also known as the CDC.

● The FDA makes a determination regarding the prospects for a recall after inspecting a manufacturing facility.

● The FDA is contacted by a company that has discovered a problem.

FDA declares testosterone therapy increases heart attack risk

Testosterone therapy has become a common method of trying to treat a variety of physical symptoms experienced by men. There are a number of products on the market aimed at men who want to counter the effects of decreased testosterone production, also known as "low-T."

Territorial dogs pose potential dangers for children

If a dog is properly trained and cared for, it will likely never cause anyone a moment?s distress. Likewise, if a dog?s owner prevents the dog from roaming freely throughout a neighborhood, then it will have little opportunity to get into trouble. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to take on the responsibilities of dog ownership.

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