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How You Can Approach Property Insurance Issues with A Smart Mind

So you have recently purchased the house your dreams in a suburb neighborhood. With such an acquisition, it is your expectation to finally live in peace with your loved ones away from various distractions and noisy neighbors. To safeguard your property from damage, you ultimately decide to purchase property insurance from a prominent service provider. While finalizing the contract, you might go a step further and ensure that no property insurance issues can crop up and hinder your peaceful living set up.

Despite the rosy dream envisioned by most residents, you should be aware of the dangers of hurricane storms not only to you but your property as well. As residents of Jackson, Florida, hurricane storms can be considered as ticking time bombs ready to blow up at any time. In simpler terms, they are a matter of “when will they occur” as opposed to “if they occur.” When your property finally collapses due to a hurricane storm, you will be grief stricken no doubt. Rebuilding such a valuable property will not only seem like an insurmountable task but also a costly and a less appealing option for most homeowners. After all, you just spent a fortune buying the house and rebuilding it wouldn’t make much sense.

Common Reasons for Trucking Accidents

Knowledge is power. When you're out there on the road in your giant truck, your knowledge and skills are the only things standing between you and a nasty truck accident. Here are the most common reasons leading to trucking accidents that you must remember to guard against:

Tire failure creates an uneven surface for your vehicle to drive on. Tire failure can be caused by many things, from a nail on the ground to worn out and overused tires. Driving at high speeds with tire failure can lead to a disastrous accident, even causing your truck to tip completely over. Make sure to check the condition of your tires regularly, and to keep a sharp eye on the road to check for any visible obstructions. Speeding is another reason for far too many road accidents. Even with established speed limits on most roads and a basic knowledge of road etiquette, drivers sometimes feel the urge to overtake vehicles on the wrong side by speeding, driving above the speed limit or partaking in other dangerous maneuvers. Remember, even if you are a great driver, other people on the road might not be.

These changes could make trucking safer in the future

High-tech features make vehicles safer much of the time. From automatic braking to prevent rear-end collisions to warnings about vehicles located to the side of a large truck, these technological features help prevent crashes and keep drivers informed. As a victim of a trucking accident, you're likely interested in seeing how the future will affect the safety of the commercial trucking industry. Fortunately, it seems that many new features will have a positive impact on the safety of tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles.

The Fear of Big Rig Highway Accidents

When planning a family trip, chances are you are thinking of the thrill of the open road, picturing fun times singing songs with the family as you drive down the highway to your destination. Although it may be a fleeting thought, you consider safety on the interstate but quickly put that thought out of your mind as, like most of us, you believe that accidents won’t happen to you and go back to thinking and planning the perfect holiday.

You head out on the road, and all too quickly the thought of safety comes rushing once again to the forefront of your mind as a large big rig goes speeding past you. You start to notice everything and your priority is now on arriving safely. Unfortunately, far too often, the fear of big rig highway accidents becomes a reality for those who take every precaution, follow every traffic rule and drive at acceptable speeds. The aftermath of an 18-wheeler accident can leave you overwhelmed.

Truck accidents due to defective auto parts

Defective auto parts may cause traffic accidents and serious injuries, especially in 18-wheelers. Most parts are checked before they are sold to a vehicle developer. Unfortunately, under certain conditions, faulty parts may remain unnoticed during truck company inspections. Substandard auto parts may also increase the severity of a crash, for example, if the faulty airbag does not inflate properly on impact, consequences can be lethal.

Delivery and commercial trucks may become dangerous to small vehicles and pedestrians when incorporated with faulty auto parts. Truck drivers need to be cautious of the dangers that are open due to their great vehicles. Even slight errors can spiral into serious mishaps, especially at elevated speeds. Speeding by inattentive truck drivers can result in head-on collisions or other serious accidents.  In addition, accidents of these vehicles can become more complicated by the goods being transported, such as gasoline or logs.

What to expect in truck accident claims and settlements

Truck accidents can lead to terrible and catastrophic consequences. They may be the fault of the truck driver himself or negligence on the part of a driver of another motor vehicle, cyclist or a pedestrian. Regardless, if you have suffered injuries in a truck accident you may make a claim for monetary compensations for those injuries even if you were partially at fault.

Many states follow the 'comparative negligence' theory when dealing with motor accidents. This theory assigns responsibility for the accident to both parties in accordance to how much their behavior contributed to the said accident. Often, the accident may not just be due to the directly involved parties. Other less obvious parties such as insurance companies, employers, manufacturers of either vehicle, trucking agencies and contractors may also play a contributory role.

Possible causes of truck accidents

Road accidents involving trucks like 18-wheelers with an attached passenger vehicle are some of the most deadly accidents to take place. A large truck can weigh as much as a staggering 80,000 pounds.

Most truck accidents may be caused due to the negligence of either the employer or the drivers themselves. Other causes might include unavoidable circumstances like road conditions or poor weather. The driver's negligence can usually be tracked back to phone usage, unsecured cargo or general inattentiveness towards the road. Distracted driving is a dangerous and reckless act and can result in serious accidents. Some examples include hitting a vehicle in its blind spot, a jack-knife accident or an underside accident. The negligence on the part of the trucking company may be traced back to hiring a driver who is a known alcoholic or a drug user, hiring an unlicensed driver, failing to provide proper training to the driver and allowing or asking the driver to drive past the hours set by the FMCSA.

Truck accident cases require knowledgeable representation

Every motor vehicle accident creates complications for those involved. Even if you experience a small fender bender in a parking lot, you will likely end up filling out forms, talking to insurance companies, and even doing without your car until the damage is repaired. But in such circumstances, liability is going to be limited to you and the other driver or drivers involved in the accident so seeking compensation is typically not complicated.

5 common mistakes that cause truck accidents

Not everyone is a perfect driver. Most people will accidentally cut someone off or daydream their way into another lane at some point in their lives. Unfortunately when truck drivers make mistakes the resulting damage can be devastating. The following common truck driver mistakes can cause major injury and even death. Be cautious while driving near large trucks and be aware of these possible mistakes.

1. Fatigued driving

Truck drivers have tough expectations for deliveries. They often drive through the night, working long hours to meet their deadlines. There are federal regulations in place stating that truck drivers cannot drive beyond their 14th consecutive hour after coming on duty. While some truck drivers adhere to the rules, some others continue to drive. Their fatigue causes massive freeway accidents with other vehicles.

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