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How should I treat wounds caused by dog bites?

Dogs have a well-deserved reputation of being loyal and friendly pets. When properly trained, most dogs are well behaved. But dogs can also act in an aggressive manner when they feel threatened or if they believe they are protecting their territory. It is best to approach dogs we do not know with care and to avoid dogs that display aggressive or vicious behavior.

An encounter with an untrained or vicious dog can be extremely traumatic, especially if the encounter results in you, or someone you care about, being bitten. Dog bites can leave serious wounds that need tending. So, what should be done to treat a dog bite?

Pecuniary injuries are important aspect of wrongful death suits

Losing a loved one can have a jarring and profound effect on the deceased’s family members. It can be very difficult to reconcile that a valued part of a family’s structure has been forever removed. This loss can be that much more difficult if it was due to some form of misconduct or negligence on behalf of a third party. Such an event is called a “wrongful death.”

Because the wrongful death of a loved one can have such devastating repercussions on a family’s life, it is possible to pursue legal action in the form of a lawsuit against the alleged responsible party. Such a lawsuit may result in the plaintiffs receiving financial compensation for their loss.

Lawsuit claims testosterone therapy responsible for heart attack

At present, the Food and Drug Administration is planning to make a reassessment of testosterone therapy product safety. No less than two recently published reports offer findings indicating that the drugs used in testosterone therapy may raise the probability of heart attacks and other negative cardiovascular events.

A recent lawsuit filed in a federal court in New Jersey makes such an assertion. A 54-year-old man is claiming that his use of an Eli Lilly testosterone product, Axiron, caused him to suffer a heart attack. The suit claims that Eli Lilly aggressively markets Axiron without providing enough warning to the possible risks inherent in its use. The suit contends that the man’s doctor would not have issued a prescription for the drug had he been aware of the risks.

Oilfield machinery accident blamed for death in Texas

Among all of the elements necessary to get crude oil up and out of the Texas soil, two in particular seem to come to mind. First, you need heavy machinery for burrowing deep into the ground and performing the extraction process. Second, you need strong workers who have the skills required to operate the equipment. In order to decrease the likelihood of oilfield accidents, a drilling company should take precautions to ensure that their equipment is well maintained and that those operating the equipment are properly trained and qualified.

Recently, a man described as a private contractor was fatally injured while working at a drilling site which was reportedly located 22 miles north of Amarillo. According to a Potter County sheriff, a ditch digging machine caught a hold of the contractor’s leg. The sheriff expressed that the contractor suffered very severe injuries. The contractor received care from emergency medical responders, but nonetheless died on the scene.

Motorcyclists extremely vulnerable when in accidents

A motorcycle can be viewed as something more than merely a means of transportation. After all, most people who chose to ride motorcycles could just as easily drive a car. But a motorcycle can instill in its rider a sense of freedom that no car can provide. The reason for this is that riding a motorcycle affords those on board with direct contact with the elements. The motorcyclist is simply not encumbered by the enclosed environment found in a car.

But motorcyclists pay for their sense of freedom by being extremely vulnerable. That same exposure to the elements that feels so liberating while cruising down the road can become very dangerous if a rider is involved in a collision.

FDA trying to get drug company to issue recall

The use of medications should be undertaken with caution and awareness. Patients have to trust that whatever drugs they take are safe. Most of the time, this is the case. But sometimes, defective drugs do make their way into circulation. When this happens the Food and Drug Administration may request that the company responsible for the drug issue a recall.

The FDA has had a contentious relationship with a company called NuVision Pharmacy for almost two years. At issue is the FDA’s request that the company perform a recall of its so-called “sterile products.” Additionally, the FDA is warning health care providers to avoid using drugs that were compounded by the company.

What would make a dog act aggressively?

In life, there are few things more wonderful than a friendly, loving dog. For those with a fondness for our canine friends, a dog’s mere presence can brighten up the day. On the other hand, there are few things more frightening than an aggressive dog that appears poised to attack. A physical altercation with a dog can be traumatic and dog bites can be painful.

This blog has previously touched on the subject of dog behavior. Dogs cannot understand our intentions or motivations, so we would do well to try to understand theirs. Understanding why a dog is behaving aggressively may help you avoid getting bitten. So what would motivate man’s best friend to pose an aggressive stance?

Temp employees have a right to safe work environments

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration take the protection of temporary workers very seriously. In 2013, a temp employee suffered a fatal workplace accident at a manufacturing plant. The employee had not been provided proper training by either the plant or the temporary staffing agency. 

Texas oilfield workers subjected to many on-the-job dangers

Crude oil is truly the lubricant that greases the gears of American industry. Texas has a long-established heritage of providing the country with a steady supply of this important commodity. In fact, oil is sometimes humorously referred to as “Texas tea.”

In recent years, the oil industry in South Texas has seen a genuine boom. This boom has created a demand for workers who are willing to put in long, hard hours in return for a good rate of pay. Given how important good workers are for oil companies, one would think that their safety would be of a high priority. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

What are some of the side effects of testosterone therapy?

Aging is a constant process and no one yet has figured out a way to slow down the biological clock and allow us to hold on to our strength and vitality forever. Yet to hear some of the claims made by the producers of testosterone therapy products, one would think that they have found a way for men to do just that. But what the makers of these products tend to not highlight in their marketing are the potential hazards of using the various gels and creams they sell.

A study that was published by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2013 cautioned of an increased risk of heart attacks in men who undergo testosterone treatment. And while strokes and heart attacks are certainly of primary concern regarding possible side effects, what other negative effects might a testosterone product user be subject to?

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