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How should oil companies help prevent employee falls?

Oilfield work can offer good wages. Those who chose to make a career of helping extract crude from the ground can earn a healthy living. But, this type of work also has its hazards. For example, it is not unusual for workers to have to fulfill their tasks while on ladders, platforms or scaffoldings. A worker could easily suffer a catastrophic injury should they slip and fall from their elevated workstation.

So what kind of safeguards can be put in place to help keep workers from falling and being hurt?

Girl suffers serious dog bite injury in Texas

It is not uncommon for a neighborhood to have a dog owner who acts totally oblivious to their pet’s behavior. Their dogs are often allowed to run loose and bother the neighbors with impunity. Random encounters with such an animal can be dangerous and terrifying. Children are especially vulnerable should such a dog choose to attack.

This problem can be extremely vexing due to the one-bite rule, which we previously covered on this blog. In Texas, eligibility for compensation in the event of a dog bite depends on whether it can be proven that the dog had previously engaged in harmful or threatening behavior.

OSHA revises rules regarding reporting of workplace injuries

When an employee is on a job site, it is reasonable for them to expect that their employer has taken every required precaution to ensure their safety. Companies should adhere to all mandated requirements so as to help workers perform their daily job duties without suffering injuries.

However, should misfortune strike and an employee does suffer a catastrophic injury that results in serious harm or death, then the employer should report the incident to the appropriate authorities. Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced new rule revisions regarding the notification to the administration of certain types of serious injuries.

Testosterone therapy may be a trap

Due to aggressive marketing strategies employed by pharmaceutical companies, many men have been pitched the idea that they may reap benefits from undergoing testosterone therapy. The advertising entices interest by asking men if they feel tired. While fatigue may be a symptom for which there is legitimate reason to seek medical treatment, the use of testosterone products may not be the best remedy.

According to a urologist at a Harvard-affiliated hospital, simply feeling tired is not sufficient reason to issue a man a testosterone prescription. The urologist says that lab tests are required to determine if a man has low testosterone levels and that usually their levels test out as normal. He also says that if a man starts the treatment, it may be difficult to stop because his body will stop producing testosterone. Ceasing treatment can cause issues as the body recovers its ability to produce the hormone.

Drilling companies are exempt from providing certain protections

In Texas, the oil business looms large in the state’s mythology. The statewide boom of fracking and drilling has given the industry more attention of late. But as we have previously pointed out, not all of that attention is for positive reasons. In spite of the focus on safety provided by the oil companies and government agencies, fatal accidents can still occur in Texas oil fields.

This problem is not new and in 1983 attempts were made by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to address the issue. At that time, OSHA crafted a proposal that ended up exempting drilling companies from certain rules regarding explosion prevention, noise protection and machine safety.

Serious accident in Texas attributed to elderly man

Typically, people want to maintain their ability to get things done on their own for as long as possible. But age catches up with everyone and one day it may be best to turn the driving responsibilities over to someone who is better suited to the task. Drivers who have reached a point in their lives where they are prone to profound confusion can pose a serious risk to themselves and others when they get behind the wheel.

In East Bexar County, an elderly man is alleged to have caused a severe crash. A Bexar County Sheriff's Office spokesman reported that the elderly man drove his red pickup truck against traffic on U.S. 87. As he proceeded, several other vehicles managed to get out of his path. However, one driver, also in a pickup truck, could not avoid a collision with the elderly man’s vehicle.

Prescription drugs should relieve problems, not cause them

You have likely heard the old idiom, “the cure is worse than the disease.” This well-worn phrase is generally used metaphorically to describe how sometimes solutions to problems just create more problems. However, the phrase can take on a literal, and even deadly meaning when applied to certain prescription drugs.

The purpose of a pharmaceutical drug is to treat an illness or a condition. Overall, we should be grateful that we live in a time in which so many serious maladies can be counteracted with the use of a pill or a liquid. Many of us at one time or another will require some form of pharmaceutical drug to regain or maintain our health.

How should I treat wounds caused by dog bites?

Dogs have a well-deserved reputation of being loyal and friendly pets. When properly trained, most dogs are well behaved. But dogs can also act in an aggressive manner when they feel threatened or if they believe they are protecting their territory. It is best to approach dogs we do not know with care and to avoid dogs that display aggressive or vicious behavior.

An encounter with an untrained or vicious dog can be extremely traumatic, especially if the encounter results in you, or someone you care about, being bitten. Dog bites can leave serious wounds that need tending. So, what should be done to treat a dog bite?

Pecuniary injuries are important aspect of wrongful death suits

Losing a loved one can have a jarring and profound effect on the deceased’s family members. It can be very difficult to reconcile that a valued part of a family’s structure has been forever removed. This loss can be that much more difficult if it was due to some form of misconduct or negligence on behalf of a third party. Such an event is called a “wrongful death.”

Because the wrongful death of a loved one can have such devastating repercussions on a family’s life, it is possible to pursue legal action in the form of a lawsuit against the alleged responsible party. Such a lawsuit may result in the plaintiffs receiving financial compensation for their loss.

Lawsuit claims testosterone therapy responsible for heart attack

At present, the Food and Drug Administration is planning to make a reassessment of testosterone therapy product safety. No less than two recently published reports offer findings indicating that the drugs used in testosterone therapy may raise the probability of heart attacks and other negative cardiovascular events.

A recent lawsuit filed in a federal court in New Jersey makes such an assertion. A 54-year-old man is claiming that his use of an Eli Lilly testosterone product, Axiron, caused him to suffer a heart attack. The suit claims that Eli Lilly aggressively markets Axiron without providing enough warning to the possible risks inherent in its use. The suit contends that the man’s doctor would not have issued a prescription for the drug had he been aware of the risks.

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