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What can bicyclists do to remain safe near trucks?

Semi-trucks spend a good percentage of their time on the highways where they typically pose little threat to bicyclists. But semi-truck drivers often make deliveries to areas where the streets also cater to bicycle traffic. And in such situations, both truck drivers and bicyclists must keep a sharp lookout for one another in order to avoid accidents.

Truck drivers under restrictions regarding prescription drug use

Most people understand that it is important to follow the directions when taking prescription medications. There are many obvious reasons for this, including the fact that incorrect use or abuse of a prescription drug could have very serious health consequences. Of equal importance is the fact that many medications have side effects that can alter our perceptions and motor skills, which can be especially dangerous when using heavy machinery or driving a motor vehicle.

New invention could help prevent truck accidents

Many of us have had a common experience when driving on a two-lane thoroughfare in Texas: getting stuck behind a slow-moving semi truck. While this situation may seem mundane, it can also be fraught with danger. Perhaps the most hazardous aspect of this situation is trying to figure out if it is safe to pass the big rig.

Texting truck drivers should be held accountable for accidents

As most Texas motorists are well aware, texting while driving is a dangerous practice. Yet, it seems that some people simply cannot break themselves of the habit. And while all passenger vehicles being driven by texting drivers are extremely dangerous, the danger becomes magnified if the vehicle in question is a semi-truck.

How can I stay safe around trucks in winter weather?

In general, the state of Texas is comparatively blessed with good weather for most of the year. However, that does not mean the Lone Star State doesn't experience some sleet, freezing rain or even snow during the winter months. Because Texas motorists often have less experience driving in such conditions, it is very import to be extra careful when the roads get slick.

Truck drivers will be required to use electronic logbooks

Truck drivers often work the oddest hours imaginable. It is not unusual for truckers to pick up a load from somewhere at 3 a.m. and have to have it delivered somewhere else by 5 a.m., two days later. In between the pick up and delivery, the driver can only work a certain number of hours and must also take breaks for rest and sleep.

Truck accidents can stem from many causes

No one likes to feel overmatched. This is especially true in situations where we may face the potential of being injured. For this reason, some motorists choose to purchase large automobiles. When traveling on Texas roadways, many drivers just feel more secure in extra-large pickup trucks and SUVs. The reality is, no passenger vehicle is a match for a big-rig truck.

Truck drivers may experience microsleeps when fatigued

It is a feeling that many of us have had after being deprived of a good night's sleep. You may be at your desk at work trying to get through the day or sitting in a classroom attempting to listen to a lecture when all of a sudden you just sort of zone out. You don't keel over in slumber, but you are not at all mentally engaged with what is happening around you.

Potentially lifesaving technology not being used in trucks

Occupants of a vehicle that is struck from behind by a speeding semi truck are likely to suffer very serious or even fatal injuries. Often, such accidents are due to driver error or fatigue. But at present, there is technology available that could help avert such accidents. Essentially, the system works by having a radar device secured to a truck's front bumper. When the radar detects an impending crash, the truck's brakes are engaged.

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