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Tractor-trailer no-zones explained

No-zones are traditionally associated with tractor-trailers (18-wheeler trucks). They are the large trailers that are attached behind trucks carrying the cargo. It is important to review no-zones because tractor-trailer collisions are exceedingly dangerous. In 2014, about 3,660 people were killed in accidents involving large trucks. Therefore, to understand these dangers, it is important to know how no-zones work and contribute to fatal accidents.

Truck accident liability laws

Truck drivers and trucking agencies are required to follow strict regulations in order to prevent accidents. Although rare, truck accidents still occur. The fault may be due to the negligence of either the truck driver or the driver of the other vehicle.

Truck driver fatigue and FMCSA

Truck drivers have great responsibilities and might have to drive for several hours to make sure goods get delivered on time. The things that we buy are usually transported by a truck, and nobody stops to think how dangerous the transportation process is. Truck drivers go through extreme dangers during their jobs, and it is important to understand these dangers. Fatigue is a major problem for truck drivers, and it could lead to a fatal accident. Driving for more than a certain amount of hours may lead to a lack of focus on the driver's part, causing an accident.

Defective auto parts in trucks

Vehicles must always be in good shape so that unfortunate mishaps can be avoided. Automobile manufacturers try to ensure that the vehicles they manufacture are free of all internal and external flaws. If they are in any way careless and they ship the vehicle without ensuring that it's safe, the manufacturer would have to suffer the consequences in the shape of a lawsuit.

Things to consider before calling a truck accident attorney

Truck accidents are treated differently than accidents involving other automobiles. A truck accident can be a very traumatic incident. While it may be a good idea to consult an attorney as soon as possible, there are certain things you should research before heading to the lawyer's office so you can ask all the questions that are relevant to your case.

Potentially catastrophic accidents involving commercial trucks

The size and build of a commercial truck is no secret. A loaded commercial truck can weigh about 25 times more than a typical car. Due to their sheer size, these vehicles can potentially wreak havoc on the road in case of an accident. It is advised to all drivers and pedestrians to take special care around a truck because if an accident occurs, it could be catastrophic.

Commercial trucks are usually used to carrying heavy cargo from one destination to the other. This cargo can be in the form of flammable or hazardous materials. The shipper and the trucking company are responsible for putting proper labels on the truck so that pedestrians and other drivers can exercise necessary precautions. It is the legal and moral responsibility of the truck driver and the trucking company to show due diligence towards pedestrians and fellow drivers. The driver should be extra careful, especially while making tight turns. Although truck accidents are not common, trucking firms are always well equipped to defend themselves in case of any mishaps. 

Truck accident claims the lives of missionary teens

It may be easy to get distracted by data involving truck accidents. The increasing number of collisions involving big rigs, the shocking number of fatalities and the financial toll are statistics that may cloud the real issue. When trucks crash, people often die. Recently, a multi-vehicle accident involving a semi-trailer brought this message home.

Driver fatigue causes many truck accidents

Each year, over 30,000 people die on our nation's highways. Almost 4,000 of those deaths are the result of encounters with big rigs. Since 2011, the U.S. Department of Transportation has taken a keen interest in the role fatigue plays in truck accidents. That was the year Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration -- an agency of the DOT -- updated its rules regarding the number of hours a trucker can drive without rest.

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