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Deadly Texas casino bus crash results in 8 deaths and 44 injured

The driver of a bus carrying more than 50 people on a trip to a casino lost control on a wet U.S. 83 north of Laredo, causing the bus to go off the highway and rollover. Eight persons were killed and 44 were injured in the crash. It is unclear if the driver was traveling too fast for conditions or if some mechanical failure may have contributed to this tragic crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has begun investigating the crash, including locating the buses' electronic data recorder, interviewing passengers and the driver and examining the crash scene. The NTSB investigations are very thorough and meticulous, which is why a spokesperson for the agency cautioned it could be 14 months before their findings are released. The Texas Department of Public Safety is also investigating the crash.

Side-impact truck collisions can be deadly for bicyclists

Whether you are riding your bicycle in your neighborhood for fun or in heavy city traffic on your way to work, you are likely aware that all motor vehicles are potentially dangerous. Probably the greatest threat is posed by large vehicles such as semi trucks.

Laredo sees most border truck traffic in the U.S.

The North American Trade Agreement is responsible for ushering in a high volume of truck traffic from Mexico through the United States, up into Canada and back again. You can see these big rigs running on highways all across the country. Many of these truck drivers must traverse long distances while on very tight schedules. And as it turns out, Laredo, Texas is one of the busiest crossing points along the border between the United States and Mexico.

Study cites sleep apnea as a serious problem for truck drivers

Truck driver fatigue is often cited as a primary contributing factor in truck accidents. Getting proper rest is absolutely imperative for truck drivers. Big rig trucks are so large and powerful that they could cause serious damage if the driver nods off for even just a couple of seconds. To this end, federal regulations demand that truck drivers take mandatory rest and sleep breaks.

Two Texas truck accidents cause one fatal and one serious injury

Unfortunately, truck accidents occur with disappointing frequency on Texas highways. Such accidents often yield tragic consequences. Recently, two interrelated truck accidents that occurred on Interstate 35 in Kyle resulted in one fatality and left an off-duty police officer seriously injured.

Investigations can help determine liability in cargo accidents

Truck drivers are accountable for more than just getting their loads delivered on time. They also bear responsibility for ensuring that their rigs do not pose any unnecessary risks to other motorists. One of the most important things truck drivers must do at all times is make sure that their cargo is properly loaded and secured.

TXDOT calls attention to the hazards of distracted driving

It is no secret that driving while distracted poses grave dangers for road users and pedestrians. Yet too many drivers ignore the obvious dangers of using mobile devices while behind the wheel. Every year, thousands of people lose their lives in accidents involving distracted drivers. No one should ever give focus to texts or calls while operating a motor vehicle, and this is especially true for truck drivers.

Truck driver shortage could lead to problems on the road

Driving a big rig truck for a living is not an easy job. Truck drivers must spend long, lonely hours on the road, often traveling in the dead of night. In addition, truck drivers frequently face a variety of health maladies due to lack of exercise and limited healthy eating options while traveling.

Tank vehicles pose unique problems for truck drivers

Driving any kind of big rig truck requires skill. In the wrong hands, these extra large vehicles can pose serious dangers to all other road users. But while all truck drivers must be well-trained and qualified, those who drive tank vehicles must possess a very particular skill set.

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