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Poorly maintained cargo tanks can have deadly leaks

When you see a tanker truck on the road, it could be carrying gasoline for sale to the public or chemicals that are used in various industrial processes. But regardless, almost all the materials transported in a cargo tank are in some manner hazardous. While all truck accidents are potentially deadly, accidents involving tanker trucks can be especially so. This is because tanker trucks transport materials that may be flammable, poisonous or in other ways dangerous should a spill occur.

Truck drivers must submit to federally required drug tests

No one should get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs. It is just too easy for an impaired driver to cause a serious accident. If that impaired driver is operating a semi truck, an accident could have especially serious consequences.

Big-rig truck must be properly serviced to be safe

If you are an average driver, you might have your car serviced by a mechanic every year or so. You also likely notice just how much wear and tear is imposed on your car just with the amount of driving that you do. Imagine if you had to put that vehicle of yours on the road for 10 or more hours a day, most days of the week. Think about how quickly your tires would wear down or how often you would have to have your brakes fixed. Well, these are the constant concerns of your typical truck driver.

Truck driver health connected to accidents, says study

Anyone who travels the roadways of Texas likely notices the high volume of semi-truck traffic that is present during daytime and nighttime hours. One might wonder if the long hours spent on the road and away from home could have an effect on a truck driver's health and well-being. Well, some very illuminating results from a study on truck drivers were recently released.

Responsibility falls on truck drivers to properly secure cargo

Texas roadways handle large volumes of semi-truck traffic every day. Many of these trucks are loaded with cargo bound for destinations all across the state and country. In order to keep that cargo from spilling onto the road and causing an accident, it has to be properly secured.

In good times and bad, trucks transporting oil can have accidents

The oil business in Texas is often a boom or bust proposition. When things are going good, the crude is being brought up from the ground at an almost overwhelming volume. Even when production slows down, there is still work to be done.

More trucks on the road may lead to more accidents

It is hard not to notice an abundance of big rig trucks when traveling on Texas roadways. And in fact, a high volume of truck traffic can be indicative of a successful economy. This is because tractor-trailers often carry consumer goods to locations all about the state. If there are a lot of trucks on the road, this likely means consumers are coming out to purchase the goods the trucks are delivering.

Volkswagen scandal raises questions about auto industry deception

It is incumbent upon motor vehicle manufacturers to build their automobiles to specifications that ensure quality and safety. This means that all parts that are used in production are dependable and that the production process meets the highest possible standards.

Emmy appearance shows comedian's recovery after truck crash

When comedian Tracy Morgan arrived at the podium of this year's Emmy Awards, he had traveled much farther than simply across a stage. Mr. Morgan's story is one of a man who has battled and continues to battle serious health issues caused by a truck accident. The collision, which occurred in June 2014, also took the life of Mr. Morgan's friend and fellow comedian James McNair.

EDRs can be used to help prove liability in truck accidents

Being involved in a big rig truck accident can be an extremely traumatic experience. These super-sized vehicles can cause devastating damage to anything they may happen to strike, especially if they are traveling at a rapid rate of speed at the time of impact. What's more, those who are struck by big rigs, be they occupants of automobiles or pedestrians, can suffer very serious or even fatal injuries.

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