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FDA sued for not releasing information about new drug

As consumers, we want to be well informed about any medication that we may be prescribed or given when in a hospital. It is also vital that medical professionals have as much information about a drug prior to approving its use for their patients.

How can I reduce the risk of injuries when stopping a dog fight?

Sometimes when dogs cross paths while out walking, they do not get along. Dog fights are very common and also very scary. Once dogs start violently tussling, it is very important to get them separated. But fighting dogs can bite and cause serious injuries. So what can you do to reduce the risk of being bitten when breaking up a dog fight?

The correct shoes can help prevent oilfield injuries

For those working in Texas oilfields, good physical health is an extremely valuable asset. In order to earn their paychecks, oilfield workers must be able to apply their strength and skills throughout long workdays. An oilfield injury could make it difficult or even impossible for a worker to meet the very taxing demands of the job.

In a previous post on this blog, we discussed what oilfield workers can do to help prevent injuring their hands. In this post, we go a bit lower and take a look at foot safety. Many oilfield jobs require long periods of standing or walking. A foot injury could keep a worker off the job for a prolonged period of time. Shoes are a key element of foot safety. Here are some things to know about safety footwear:

Compensation can help families that lose loved ones

Sometimes it is important to take a moment and carefully consider just how important family members are in our lives. The day to day business of living can sometimes make it hard to fully appreciate how our much of our personal well-being may be owed to being part of a family. Families can provide us with a sense of belonging and security. From the eldest matriarch to the youngest newborn, each member helps contribute to family's uniqueness.

Driving while texting bill fails to pass in Texas Senate

Cellphones can allow us to communicate with one another at almost any time. But we should avoid the distraction created by talking or texting while behind the wheel. The danger of distracted drivers causing car accidents on our roads is a very serious problem. While some parts of the state have created ordinances to address the issue, there are still no statewide laws against texting while driving.

What process is used to prevent the marketing of dangerous drugs?

In a perfect world, everyone would enjoy good health all the time and there would be no need to take medicine. But sometimes we have to depend upon medications to treat conditions or ailments. When this is the case, we must trust that the medicines we take are safe. So what processes are in place to help ensure our safety?

Mail carriers being taught how to ward off attacking dogs

Almost anyone could be the victim of a vicious dog attack. Just taking a stroll around the neighborhood might lead to a harmful encounter. But for some people, dog bites are a constant threat due to the requirements of their jobs.

Pool operator negligence could result in drownings

Summer is on the horizon, which in Texas means long, hot days. But this is not such a bad thing when you consider that a hot day is a perfect day to jump into a swimming pool and enjoy a cooling dip. But safety is always a concern when swimming. Swimmers can suffer serious injuries if pool operators do not take proper precautions to ensure their pools are safe.

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