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Many Texas construction workers not covered for serious injuries

As those who live here know, Texas has an abundance of opportunities for hard working individuals to find jobs. In fact, in the last decade, Texas has topped all other states in job creation. This fact comes from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, which additionally reports that the statewide bright spot of job creation casts an ominous shadow. Texas is also the frontrunner in the area of worker fatalities.

One job sector that produces a high volume of serious injuries, is the construction industry. Construction work is inherently dangerous, even when properly monitored and regulated. But insufficient official monitoring can create the possibility of companies taking short cuts in maintaining safe working conditions on job sites.

Fracking may expose oilfield workers to toxic exposure

In this blog, we have previously discussed the ever expanding use of a process called hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, which is being employed as a means of extracting oil up from the ground. Fracking has taken hold in Texas and other states throughout the United States. Its implementation has created an abundance of new jobs and put billions of dollars of revenue in local and state coffers.

On the flip-side of this good news are safety concerns regarding the possibility of severe environmental hazards related to fracking. The fear is that oil and gas companies may be responsible for the release of airborne toxins due to the process.

Dog attack leads to tragedy in Texas

Most dog owners in San Antonio understand the importance of properly caring for their beloved pets. They know that good pet ownership extends beyond feeding and exercise. A properly cared for animal is also well trained and mindfully watched over. Good training and supervision help keep pets and those who come in contact with them safe from harm.

When an owned animal attacks a person or another pet, it is the owner who must bear responsibility for the act. Violent altercations involving improperly trained animals can result in truly tragic circumstances for all involved.

Summertime car accidents involving teens of serious concern

Summer is here. School’s out, and for those Texas teenagers who are just getting their first taste of adulthood freedoms, times could not be much better. Perhaps the most significant freedom of all comes in the form in a newly minted drivers’ license. The ability to get behind the wheel of a car and take off for fun with friends and have new adventures is truly exhilarating.

Unfortunately, the same set of circumstances which provide such good times can also lead to serious motor vehicle accidents. In fact, AAA Texas reports that the summer months see a 26 percent uptick in the number of teenage traffic crash fatalities nationwide.

Lawsuit claims testosterone product carried undisclosed risks

Often, as men grow older, they find themselves lacking the energy they once had. In order to restore themselves to a physical state better suited to meet the demands that they place on themselves, they might seek some form of supplementation. However, caution is advised because it turns out that currently there are potentially dangerous drugs being marketed as helpful treatments.

AndroGel is promoted as a treatment for what has become known as “Low-T,” which describes a lowered level of testosterone. Testosterone-replacement is a form of therapy that has been on the receiving end of scrutiny of late and AndroGel is now the subject of a consolidated lawsuit.

Texas man dies in personal watercraft accident

Just watching them can be exhilarating as they glide across the water with a tail of misty spray trailing behind. They are a type of personal watercraft known as Jet Skis. Every weekend, many San Antonio residents like to head out to spots such as Canyon Lake to spend time riding them.

The joy and excitement that can be had racing around on a Jet Ski can sometimes overshadow very important safety issues. These are large, powerful machines which can move very fast. If not properly operated, they could strike, and cause the wrongful death of someone in their path. Therefore, when out on the water, fun must be tempered with caution.

New findings indicate e-cigarettes more dangerous than thought

Upon entry into the marketplace, e-cigarettes were hailed by manufacturers as being a decidedly safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. As such, many people started using the vapor inhalers as a preferred method of getting their intake of nicotine. But Texans who traded in their soft packs and crush-proof boxes for an e-cigarette device should be advised; they could be susceptible to serious injury from effects caused by the vapor they are inhaling.

Research conducted at UC-Riverside in 2010 concluded that e-cigarettes did indeed pose potential health risks. The researchers went so far as to recommend taking the devices off the market so more time could be devoted to examining potential health dangers. 

Texas oil boom brings serious safety issues

The recent expansion of drilling and hydraulic fracturing for oil in the state of Texas has helped produce substantial numbers of new jobs for oilfield workers. While this is certainly great news for the workforce and the economy, the new boom has come at a price. Recently released statistics indicate that fatal oilfield accidents have been on the rise.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, starting in 2008 and continuing to 2012, 216 workers lost their lives while laboring in Texas oil patches. This number represents a 7.4 percent increase over the fatality rate tallied in Texas during the five year period prior to 2008.

Subtle behaviors can signal potential dog attacks

One of the reasons Texans find dogs so endearing is because dogs are very social animals. And while we humans may want to project our feelings and motivations on to dogs, it is important to understand that dogs do not experience the world in the same way as humans. When encountering an unfamiliar dog, it is helpful to understand what its behavior is really telling us. Understanding canine cues can help humans be aware if a dog attack is imminent.

According to the animal behavioral services director at a Pennsylvania university, people often misinterpret many common dog behaviors. For example, you might think that when a dog rolls over on its back that it is presenting its stomach for petting. Not necessarily, says the director. If a dog rolls on its back, it is actually exhibiting signs of anxiety. Unless the dog appears comfortable with the situation, you should read the rolling as meaning it would prefer to not be petted.

Driverless vehicles could reduce number of car accidents

There was a time when your friendly Texas mechanic would give your car a checkup by popping the hood and having a direct look at the engine. However, nowadays, automotive diagnostics consist largely of a technician downloading data from your car's on-board computer system. Models of cars are constantly being given technological upgrades, in part to make them safer on the road.

Yet, for all the newly applied tech improvements designed to help prevent car accidents, automobiles still have one significant potential for error—they are controlled by humans. Human error is often responsible for auto mishaps. However, designers of Google’s driverless cars are looking to eliminate such errors by taking control from humans and turning it over to the machines.

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