4 drivers with high accident risks

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Drinking affects people’s ability to safely drive. A drunk driver may struggle to judge distances, react slower to obstacles and run red lights. Drunk driving increases the likelihood of auto accidents.

Drunk drivers are only one kind of driver that may cause car crashes. Here are four more kinds of drivers to watch out for on the road:

1. Aggressive drivers

Many people get upset and mad. However, these feelings may cause drivers to react emotionally on the road, which can increase the odds of causing a car accident. A driver may become enraged, for example, because they are in a rush and the other drivers are going the speed limit. As a result, they might start speeding or tailgating as aggressive tactics to move through traffic. 

2. Beginning drivers

Everyone learned to drive a car at one time, but many people forget what that was like. Learning to drive for the first time is stressful for many beginners. Anxiety and a lack of experience could cause a driver to make an unfortunate motion and cause an accident. For example, a new driver could become confused by a sign and suddenly press on the gas, causing them to hit another car.  

3. Distracted drivers

A driving distraction is anything that causes a driver to focus on something other than driving. In other words, if a driver is on their phone, then they are distracted. When a driver is distracted, they are less likely to react to obstacles. 

4. Drowsy drivers

Many people drive after long work hours or after sleeping very little. People who are tired often process information more slowly. A drowsy driver may not react to obstacles in the road. And, drivers that are tired may also fall asleep behind the wheel.

No matter who caused an auto accident, victims often suffer severe injuries and damages. Victims may need to learn more about their legal rights and options as they seek fair compensation for their losses.