Crashes involving 18 wheelers

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2010 | Truck Accidents |

We are actively involved in cases involving commercial trucks, buses and 18 wheelers. With the advent of more technology in the cab, we find that distracted driving is the root cause of many serious crashes. Commercial truckers and bus drivers are increasingly distracted while at the wheel because of cell phones, pagers, computers and other electronic devices. Your safety and the safety of the motoring public depends on enforcement of rules and regulations that are designed for achieving safety. In our investigations of commercial trucking accidents we examine phone records, computer records, log books and other important data to determine why the driver may have been distracted. Studies have consistently shown that distracted driving is nearly as dangerous as drunk driving. Punitive damages may be assessed against commercial trucking companies who allow their drivers to disobey traffic rules and common sense rules of the road.