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Self-driving commercial trucks could become the norm

If you think sleepy and distracted truck drivers are a problem, some computer engineers and automobile designers think they may have the solution: automated trucks that drive themselves. In fact, since last October, autonomously driven trucks have been delivering Frigidaire refrigerators along the I-10 freeway from Texas to California.

This issue certainly begs the question of whether such a large vehicle is safe when a computer is behind the wheel. Some experts believe that the vehicles are safer than human-driven trucks, but others disagree.

Commercial drivers can't legally use a cellphone while driving

People today use their phones for almost everything. There are very few places where you won't find someone on a cellphone. Despite this fact, there is one person who shouldn't ever use a cellphone -- a driver.

Drivers who are distracted by a phone are putting themselves and others in danger. When it comes to commercial vehicle drivers, including truckers, there are specific laws that forbid them from using a phone while they drive.

Avoiding drowsy driving: 3 things to know to help stay safe

We live in a sleep-deprived society in which countless numbers of products are delivered by truck. It's a dangerous recipe that results in far too many car and truck accidents caused by drowsy driving.

Here are some tips to stay safe and avoid trouble on the road.

Safety recommendations for semitruck drivers

Most truck drivers have seen motor vehicle operators doing some very risky and idiotic things on the road. In some cases, this unwise maneuvers result in car versus semitruck collisions that cause catastrophic injuries -- or worse -- death.

However, semitruck drivers also should take a cold, hard, critical look at their own driving behavior. They should also educate themselves on safety practices that could help them avoid a serious collision.

Abdominal pain after a car accident is an emergency

Car accidents, even those that seem relatively minor, are a violent experience for the human body. While humans are among the most resilient creatures throughout all of nature, we are also easily injured.

In some cases, injuries that you suffer in a car accident are not obvious at the scene of the collision. Many people who don't think they suffered an injury in an accident chalk it up as a qualified win and skip going to see a doctor. Unfortunately, the longer that a person waits to obtain proper medical care after an accident, the more time an injury has to worsen.

Truck drivers with sleep apnea must get treatment

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects your airways when you sleep. People who suffer from sleep apnea don't get the same quality of sleep as those who are free of the condition. That's because, throughout the night, the airways of sleep apnea patients close causing them to wake up because they're unable to breathe.

Over time, sleep apnea sufferers experience sleep deprivation and associated fatigue. As you can imagine, when you're behind the wheel of a giant 18-wheeler, driver fatigue and sleepiness is extremely dangerous.

Your first steps after suffering injury in a truck accident

Large trucks absolutely destroy other vehicles in a collision, leaving drivers and passengers dead or seriously injured. Any time that a person survives a collision with a large truck, they are very fortunate that the experience did not take their life.

Of course, if you recently survived a truck accident, you probably have some serious injuries that require ongoing attention. But, once you stabilize and are on the path to healing, there are many things to consider about how you should pursue compensation for your injuries and other losses you suffer as a result of the accident.

Training standards for new truck drivers: Are they tough enough?

Large trucks weigh 20 or 30 times as much as passenger cars and that weight differential can be devastating in a crash. Large trucks are also much taller than smaller vehicles, posing the risk of underride accidents.

How much and what type of training should drivers of these huge trucks be required to get?

How many deadly wrecks involve young truckers?

On this blog, an array of topics related to large truck accidents have been covered, such as the dangers associated with truck driver fatigue. However, it is crucial for people in San Antonio to take all factors into consideration when it comes to truck crashes, especially for victims of these collisions and their family members who have decided to take action. For example, a driver's age may be reviewed when focusing on the details of a truck accident.

During 2014, five percent of the truck drivers involved in a deadly wreck were no more than 25 years old. In fact, 202 young truck drivers were part of a fatal collision involving a large truck over the course of the year. When factoring in a driver's age, a number of questions may have to be asked. For example, was the driver experienced, or was he or she relatively new to driving trucks? Moreover, were they properly trained? Were there other factors that contributed to the collision?

How can truck drivers avoid fatigue?

For everyone on the road, colliding with a large truck can be perilous. Between the sheer size of these vehicles and the length of time it may take a trucker to slow down, those who collide with a semi truck often face an especially high risk of suffering an injury or passing away. In San Antonio, and in all other parts of Texas, some of these collisions occur because a truck driver was too tired to safely operate their truck. For trucking companies and drivers, avoiding trucker fatigue is crucial.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers a number of pointers that truckers who wish to avoid truck driver fatigue should keep in mind. While some recommendations may seem like common sense, too many truck drivers continue to ignore the warning signs of fatigue and take to the road anyway. Truck drivers should watch out for any medications that may make them drowsy while behind the wheel and might want to try and take naps, if possible. However, it is not safe to combat fatigue by only drinking large amounts of coffee or other strategies to feel alert. Furthermore, truck drivers should always try to get plenty of sleep and should not put themselves and others at risk by working excessive hours.

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