After An Injury On The Job

Some lines of work are notoriously dangerous. Construction work, policing, agricultural jobs and health care giving are a few occupations that regularly put workers in harm’s way.

No matter what job you were doing and how you were injured at work, you owe it to your self and your future to insist on your rightful workers’ compensation benefits from the start. The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery can help ensure that you understand your rights during a free initial consultation. We will also let you know if the facts seem to indicate that a third party (other than your employer) shares some responsibility for your accident.

Our Experience Can Be An Asset In Your Case

If you were injured on the job while engaged in road construction or roofing, or after repeatedly lifting nursing home residents or emergency room patients, you are not alone. Many other workers have injured their backs, shoulders and other parts of the body while doing the same types of activities that you were doing when you got hurt. Our law firm has counseled and represented many injured oilfield workers and others who relied on us to recover compensation for them.

If a third party (such as a delivery service or an equipment manufacturer) is liable for your workplace injury, we can develop a well-supported personal injury claim or lawsuit on your behalf. A third-party claim will be separate from and in addition to your workers’ compensation benefits. If a third party is involved, your financial recovery will not be limited to workers’ compensation.

How Workers’ Compensation Works And How We Can Help

Most workers qualify for workers’ compensation, which includes medical care as well as weekly cash benefits if you must miss work and lose income for longer than a week. The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery makes it easy for you to get valuable information about your rights in a free initial consultation.

Once you have established contact with us, we will also be ready to advise you and advocate for you as needed. We are ready to represent you if necessary as you seek all workers’ compensation benefits, as well as through a third-party claim, if applicable.

Turn To A Trusted Advocate .

For serious work injuries, you need an experienced law firm like Tyler & Peery to help you assert your right to compensation against parties other than your employer. Get in touch with us by phone at 210-340-0900 or complete our simple online form for a quick response.