San Antonio Area Bicycle Accident Kills Middle-Aged Man

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2011 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Last Friday in Schertz, a dump truck driver was pulling out of a parking lot when he failed to see a bicyclist. The results couldn’t have been more disastrous: the dump truck collided with the man on the bicycle, killing him on impact.

Police stated that drugs and alcohol weren’t a factor in the crash and charges aren’t likely to be filed against the truck driver. While the bicycle accident appears to be just that, an accident, the mistake has left family and friends grieving the man’s untimely death. Unfortunately, this situation is part of a larger problem, as Bexar County bicycle injuries and fatalities are a growing concern.

A Growing Problem

Bicycling, for both transportation and sport, is gaining increased popularity in San Antonio and the surrounding communities. Car and truck drivers face an increasing responsibility to be on the lookout for bicycles.

In cases such as the fatal Schertz bicycle accident, the motorist often receives no charges from the justice system. The only way that surviving family members can hold the driver responsible and deter others from causing future truck-v-bicycle accidents is to bring a wrongful death claim.

Texas wrongful death claims allow qualifying survivors to recover the damages that the deceased person would have been permitted to recover had he or she not died. This claim allows families to shift the financial burden of their loved one’s death to the shoulders of the wrongdoers. Depending on the circumstances, the responsible parties in the Schertz bicycle accident could potentially include the driver, his employer, truck manufacturer and even the City.