Memorial Day Marks ‘Beginning of Accident Season’ for Teen Drivers

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As Teresa Gubbins reports for Pegasus News, Interstate 10 in Bexar County has the third highest number of car crashes involving teen drivers in the state of Texas. Interstate 10, but in Harris County, is the second highest. (At the top of the list is Interstate 45 in Harris County.)

The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is becoming known as the “100 Deadliest Days,” as Gubbins reports, because of the likelihood of getting into a car crash that kills teen drivers and passengers.

Interstate 10 in Bexar County had a total of 1,727 car accidents involving teen drivers from 2006 to 2010; I-35, also in Bexar County, had a total of 1,668 car accidents involving teen drivers, also between those years. It appears as though Bexar County is generally second only to Harris County in the number of car crashes involving teen drivers.

This is no surprise, as teen drivers out on Texas roads are inexperienced; inexperienced drivers tend to be negligent drivers. From texting while driving and speeding to drunk driving – and plain old inattentive driving – negligent drivers cause plenty of car accidents on Texas highways every year.

Source: Pegasus News, “I-35 and 635 are worst spots in Dallas for teen car accidents,” by Teresa Gubbins, 05/27/11